The Best Skyrim Mods [September 2021]


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Skyrim has been around for a decade now and remains beloved by gamers around the globe, many of whom develop new mods. Some only tweak graphics, enhancing lighting and textures, while others add entirely new storylines and characters to the world.

The Best Skyrim Mods [September 2021]

In this guide, we’ve listed some of the best Skyrim mods ever made. We included mods focusing on graphics, dialogues, and UI improvement. Read on to find a Skyrim mod to enhance your gaming experience.

Sky UI

As the name suggests, the Sky UI mod improves the game’s interface, making it more convenient and useful than the vanilla version. You can sort inventory based on different features and search and add items to the favorites menu.

Discovered locations are also highlighted on the map, and active effects are shown in the HUD. But the best feature, perhaps, is the ability to configure other mods. Many Skyrim mods require you to have the Sky UI to run them and manage settings.

Total Character Makeover

The Total Character Makeover mod enhances the realism of all NPCs and main characters in the game. It improves everything from hands and feet to teeth, textures, and beards.

Although the characters look more detailed, the mod doesn’t drain the performance and doesn’t go too far with the edits. Skyrim still looks like Skyrim rather than an entirely new game.

2K Texture

The 2K Texture mod is available in lite and full versions. Despite the name, the lite version only provides a 1K resolution, while the full version edits some textures for 8K. This mod overhauls over 600 textures, including architecture, sky, character clothes, wood, and reflections.

Interesting NPCs

Unsurprisingly, this mod adds more interesting NPCs to Skyrim’s immersive world. Counting over 250 in total, each of the new characters has an individual background story and dialogue.

Some give you simple quests, while others propose marriage. Either way, acquiring some new pals is an excellent way to pass the time in Tamriel if you tire of the vanilla offerings. Prepare yourself unique commentaries for major quests and dialogue exceeding 1000 lines with your new modded companions.

Skyrim SE Re-Engaged ENB

Skyrim SE Re-Engaged ENB mod focuses on graphics post-processing, enhancing lighting and shadows to create a cinematic picture. This mod offers seven weather presets, each with different color correction modes and performance settings.

Although this mod improves the graphics, it doesn’t have any specific system requirements. However, you likely won’t be able to run it on the same PC you played Skyrim on in 2011.

The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is a full-sized DLC created by the game’s devoted players. The script is so thought-through and engaging it managed to win the Writer’s Guild award. The mod adds six to eight hours of gameplay focused on a murder investigation. The action is set in an ancient underground city. The story has multiple endings, and professional actors voice all dialogues.


Falskaar is another DLC-sized mod adding 20-30 hours of gameplay consisting of nine main storyline quests and 17 side quests. But even after finding the quests, this mod has numerous unmarked surprises to offer. Plus, the mod introduces 21 new soundtracks written specifically for Falskaar. Falskaar brings the player to a new land of Tamriel that’s accessed through a dungeon. Apart from the setting, the mod also adds new books, recipes, weapons, and armor.

Immersive Experience

Skyrim is a fantastic game on its own, but mods bring the experience to the next level. They allow players to improve or add what they miss the most, leading Skyrim closer to perfection.

Naturally, there are numerous great mods we didn’t include. We like discovering new mods, so share your favorite ones in the comments section below.

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