Biomutant: All Skillpoint Codex Locations


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In Biomutant there are no shortage of things to do, especially if you want to progress. There are collectibles, codex locations, landmarks, side missions, and so much more. The game has a pretty vast progression curve. And, if you want to progress, there is a chance that you might want to get all skillpoint codex to get all upgrade points. Well, stick around do so, as all skillpoint codex location will be revealed below.

Biomutant: All Skillpoint Codex Locations

All Skillpoint Codex Locations – Biomutant

As you travel throughout Biomutant’s world, you will come across these weird books. The narrator will go on to say that this might be worth your while, as you read the codex entry. There are eleven in total now, and they will grant you upgrade points which can be used on your character or other stuff.

Most of them aren’t really hard to get, and at some locations you won’t even run into enemies. Whatever the case might be, getting all these skillpoint codex entries is essential to progression in this game.

Here are all skillpoint codex locations in Biomutant, at the time of writing:

  • Fauggo’s Joint: At one of the structures at this joint, you will find a book on a table. Interact with it to get a skillpoint.
  • Brug’s Camp: You can find the codex entry close to a guard tower at Brug’s Camp.
  • Rito’s Camp: There is a big wooden shack at this camp. Inside, the skillpoint codex entry is on the right side on a table.
  • Ako’s Camp: In a small cave of sorts.
  • East of High Flutin – X: -295050 Y: -187031: In a shack similar to Rito’s Camp.
  • In the Camp South-East of Gutway 8H: Look inside the wooden structures at this location.
  • Wingnut Chugtunnel: Main building of the bandit camp.
  • Mjutmeadow: At the main entrance of the cave.
  • Duppinupp’s Homeground: Primary wooden building/shack.
  • Camp East of Brogg Hole: In one of the structures.
  • Camp South of Motojus Station: Take the stairs to the highest building. Here you will find the last skillpoint codex in Biomutant.

Those include all skillpoint code locations in Biomutant. Hopefully more will be added in the future.

Keep tabs on Caffeinated Gamer for more locations, walkthroughs and guides for Biomutant.

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