Biomutant: All Mindmonitor Locations


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Biomutant is impressive in many ways, but probably the most impressive things about this game are how vast and interactive it is. As you explore the world you come across devices and things from the old era. Slowly, the game paints a linear story about the history of the Biomutant world. One such device is the mindmonitor. There are multiple locations players can find it, and all mindmonitor locations will be outlined below.

Biomutant: All Mindmonitor Locations

All Mindmonitor Locations – Biomutant

There is not much information about what this ‘computer’ does, but since its name is the mindmonitor, we can guess that it is some kind of monitoring device. It can be easily found using the markers that the game will give you, however, we will give the exact locations below.

A puzzle will need to be solved after finding each mindmonitor. It is the usual puzzle that is for all Biomutant collectible gadgets, where you need to match the colors and create a connection between the nobs.

Without further ado, here are all mindmonitor locations in Biomutant:

  • Pingdish 3F: You will need to go underground for the first mindmonitor, in the ruins of the abandoned building. The mindmonitor can be found on a table underground. Puzzle: The nob on the top (first one) needs to have white line on the top and yellow on the bottom. Second nob yellow on top, white on bottom, and last one white on top, yellow on the bottom.
  • Planthut: Second mindmonitor is located in a weird glass building at Planthut, between a lot of trees. The puzzle is the same as the first one.
  • Frozen Brickback: This one is also underground at Frozen Brickback. A bit harder to locate, but use the marker for reference. Again, puzzle is the same.
  • Fume Foundry: The fourth mindmonitor can be found on a desk in the abandoned building, in one of the cubicles.
  • Ranchu Makeglow: And the last one follows the same theme, where it’s way underground in a service area at Ranchu Makeglow. Simply, follow the path until you get to the service area underneath this location.

It is not only that these count as collectibles, but they’ll also give rewards to players once found and solved. Plus, you get some bonuses after completing all five.

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