Biomutant: How to Get Across Kluppy Dunes With the Gullblimp


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Biomutant is filled with unbelievable attention to detail, especially on the quest that players can find throughout the world. To get across the Kluppy Dunes in the game, players will need to get the Gullblimp mount which can be acquired from a side mission from Lobo. So, below, you will find how to get across Kluppy Dunes with the Gullblimp, as well as how to complete Lobo’s side mission!

Biomutant: How to Get Across Kluppy Dunes With the Gullblimp

How to Get Across Kluppy Dunes With the Gullblimp – Biomutant

Firstly, players will need to get to Lobo, who is located at the Blimpstation. When you get there, close to the flag, you will find a path which leads underground, sort of like an underground garage. Go there and open the door.

Once you do, follow the staircase to the bottom, you will find Lobo there. The quest will be about finding and getting the Frankendog back to her, from which, she can drain gas and power up the Gullblimp.

You can find the Frankendog at Sparxatorium, south of End-Of-The-Line. Once you get there, go inside the spiral looking building, and use the fan on the bottom of the building to get to the first floor.

Then, look around and take the stairs. Once you get to the next floor, take the stairs again, until you reach an electric/fuse box of sorts. Here, you will have to move the cables around in order to get electricity to the elevator. This puzzle is a bit overwhelming, but here is its solution:

The next step is getting on the elevator which you saw in the cutscene. Activate it to get on top of the building.

Once you get there, the Frankedog will be laying down on a solar panel. Interact with the dog. Then, simply take the Frankendog back to Lobo.

Lobo will go on to say that with the gas the Gullblimp will rise to the clouds, but it also has to come back down. After interacting with lobo, look for a yellow locker in the room which you’re in, and interact with it to get the Helipack. Speak to her again, at which point she’ll point out that a very heavy anchor is needed to tie down the Gullblimp.

That can be found on an abandoned ship in the Kluppy Dunes, east of Bio Nucleus 10k, more specifically, here:

The waypoint will lead you to the exact location of the anchor. There will be a small puzzle here, but it is really simple. Move the first control two times clockwise, and the second one three times anti-clockwise.

At this point, you can head back to Lobo. Now, the Gullblimp will be finally ready to take flight. You can use it to get across the Kluppy Dunes, or anywhere you please.

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