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Biomutant is filled with interesting landmarks and exotic locations. The developers have done a pretty good job of creating an interconnected story about Biomutant’s world. There are Lumen Shrines in the game, which serve as honor locations. It is at these locations which players can bow to show their respects, for what seems to be the Biomutant’s gods. Continue reading to find all Lumen Shrine locations in the game!

Biomutant: All Lumen Shrine Locations

All Lumen Shrine Locations – Biomutant

Honoring all Lumen Shrines is an apart of a side quest, for which players can get a secret reward. Spoiler alert, it is a modification for crafting. But a nice one for that matter.

Some Lumen Shrines are quite easy to get, while some are very challenging to reach. With that said, let’s get to all Lumen Shrine locations in Biomutant:

Lumen Shrine Location #1

The first shrine can be found in the Surfipelago area of the map. There players will need to go close to Hobvdunk, or more specifically, X: 97981 Y: -93156.

The shrine can be found on the east side of the small island.

Lumen Shrine Location #2

The second one can be also found in Surfipelago area, but at Tribe Falloutline 3E. As for the exact coordinates, you can find it at X: 71544 Y: -61688.

Lumen Shrine Location #3

The next one, the third shrine, to no surprise, it is also located close to the Surfipelago area. Players can find it at X: 41825 Y: -132031.

Lumen Shrine Location #4

The fourth Lumen Shrine is located south on the map, at X: 140387 Y: -61344. It is also in the Surfipelago area, in the south, close to where the map is ending.

Lumen Shrine Location #5

The second to last Lumen Shrine can be found at X: 102075 Y: -169250. It is close to a small town called Krosswav 3G.

Lumen Shrine Location #6

The last Lumen Shrine is the most difficult to get to. There are tons of enemies at its location, and it is situated on a mountain point on Freek Isle. The exact location is X: 78419 Y: -237906.

Be careful when you get there, as you will need to take a route throughout the whole mountain to get to the exact location of the Lumen Shrine.

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