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Since there were a lot of sneak peaks for Biomutant before the launch, players’ anticipation of the game really built up. There were several discussions opened, with players trying to find out anything they can about the max level cap in the game, and other important aspect to the game itself. However, a lot of time has passed since then, and at the moment, what is the max level you can reach in Biomutant?

Biomutant Level Cap: What Is the Max Level You Can Reach

What Is The Max Level You Can Reach – Biomutant Level Cap

Firstly, many thought it was 47. Why? Well, on a gameplay demo before Biomutant’s release, we saw one character which was level 47. It is such an odd number. Why 47, and not 48, 50, 60, etc.

Players did some math after that, which isn’t anything too complex, but far from my reach. Nevertheless, the general consensus was that there are 100 skill points to every stat, so leveling up to maxed out stats would be 46 levels, or in total, 47.

Since then though, that theory has been overthrown. So, what is the max level you can reach in Biomutant? Well, at the time of writing, it’s most likely somewhere around level 227.

However, while not that many have even come close to getting such a high level, it is based purely on unofficial math. It seems like the highest that a stat can go is 400 skill points. So, 400 multiplied by 6 is 2400.

Accounting for the 140 skill points that players get on character creation, there are 2260 points left to max out all the stats. So, a level up gives you 10 skill points: 2260 divided by 10 is 226. Plus, level one from the start, it comes to a total max level of 227. Apologies for the math.

But it still begs the question whether all 227 levels will be unlocked from the start, or the game will be locked to a certain number. For now, we have to wait it out, and see how far some players go, in terms of levels.

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