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Same as any other vault weapon, for the Yrkum Pikeaxe you will need to fight a mini-boss. It is worth it though, since the Yrkum Pikeaxe is an ultimate weapon, and one which has some decent stats. Granted, it is not the best weapon in the game by any stretch of the imagination, but for some builds, and as a mid-game weapon it works quite well. Today, we will outline Yrkum Pikeaxe ultimate weapon location in Biomutant!

Biomutant: Yrkum Pikeaxe Ultimate Weapon Location

Yrkum Pikeaxe Ultimate Weapon Location – Biomutant

How vaults works is simple. It requires a key to get in, and usually, that same key can be obtained by a mini-boss at the location of the vault. The same goes for the Yrkum Pikeaxe.

Players will need to take down the Greasy Polliconey to get the vault key from said vault, players can get the Yrkum Pikeaxe. Honestly, this is one of the easiest bosses to fight in the vaults quest.

The Trkum Pikeaxe ultimate weapon is located in Sludge Deodorizum. So, simply go to this location, and fight the Greasy Polliconey. Go somewhere in the middle of the location, and the boss will appear.

Here’s a more detailed look on how to get the Yrkum Pikeaxe in Biomutant:

  1. Go to Sludge Deodorizum.
  2. Make your way to the middle of the town to start the fight with the boss.
  3. Defeat the boss and loot it.
  4. You will obtain the key to the vault. Follow the marker to the vault.
  5. Use the key on the door, and get the weapon from the locker inside the vault.

No other key from other vaults can be used. It must be the one that can be obtained from the Greasy Polliconey. The locker inside the vault is yellow, and it cannot be missed.

The Yrkum Pikeaxe is a weapon with strong slashing capabilities. It is a heavy weight class, but it seems to be quite speedy even though it is a heavy weapon. Again, it is of ultimate rarity, and it does come with some pretty decent stats.

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