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Learn how to get the Infinite Potion in Black Desert Online!

<strong>Black Desert Online: Infinite Potion Guide</strong>

Infinite Potion is a reusable item in BDO that allows players never to have to buy another pot again! Infinite Potions replenish HP (Ornette’s Spirit Essence) or MP/WP/SP (Ordore’s Spirit Essence). Such items require dedication and time because they are truly rare but worthwhile treasures. 

An Infinite Potion has the same stats as an HP/MP Instant Recovery Potion (Extra Large), except they are never-ending and 40 times heavier than one pot. These items are also bound to a family but can be transferred to an Alt via storage.



Drieghan and Kamasylvian

HP and MP Infinite Potions in Black Desert Online

INFINITE POTION HP (Ornette’s Spirit Essence)

img 3

5 Ingredients:

img 4


img 5
img 6

INFINITE POTION MP (Odore’s Spirit Essence) 

5 Ingredients:

img 7
  • Rumbling Earth Shard – An item that can be dropped in Mashaum Forest and Forest of Ronaros
  • Night Crow’s Dawn Stone – A Night Crow’s Dawn Stone is obtained by giving 100 Dragon Scale Fossils to Ominous Altar, who is the Node Manager of Garmoth’s Nest in Dreighan (NE of Duvencrune)
  • Dragon Scale Fossil – Dragon Scale Fossils drop from several Dreighan zones. You can also turn in 100 Dragon Scale Fossils for 1 Night Crow’s Dawn Stone.

Where to Get Dragon Scale Fossils:

  • Tshira Ruins
  • Blood Wolf Settlement
  • Sherekhan Necropolis (Day, Night)
  • Random Garmoth attack event that drops “Old Drieghanese Crate” [gives x5 – x10]
  • You can also buy Dragon Fossils in the Central Market.


img 8

The infinite pot pieces can also be obtained by showing 100 mob drops to Merindora in Grana, Kamasylvia.

img 9
  • Use Processing (L) – Simple Alchemy on the 100 mob drops + the item Merindora gives you.
  • Blood Wolf’s Oath x100 + Crimson Breath of Resentment x1 = Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak x1
  • Dragon’s Fang x100 + Dragon’s Roar x1 = Sherekhan’s Panacea x1
  • Tranquil Tinniolum x100 + Forest’s Whisper x1 = Ron’s Tintinnabulum x1

Infinite Potion Weekly Quests in Black Desert Online

There are six weekly quests from which you can obtain five pity drops. Infinite Potion quests reset every Thursday after midnight. You can select and complete only one of the six weekly quests per week from Node Management NPCs located in each region. Ensure the “Combat” quest type is selected inside the Quests (O) window.

Weekly Quest for HP Potion

Blood Wolf’s Oath

img 10
  • NPC: Rao
  • Location: Blood Wolf Settlement (kagtums)
  • Requirements: Kill 4000 kagtums
  • Reward: Blood Wolf’s Oath x5 and 300 Contribution EXP

Tranquil Tinniolum

img 11
  • NPC: Navir
  • Location: Archer Western Camp of Forest Ronaros
  • Requirements: Kill 3500 Ronaros
  • Reward: Tranquil Tinniolum x5 and 300 Contribution EXP

Dragon’s Fang

img 12
  • NPC: Camira
  • Location: Sherekan Necropolis
  • Requirements: Kill 3000 Sherekan warriors
  • Reward: Dragon Fang’s x5 and 300 Contribution EXP

Weekly Quest for MP Potion

Narch Solace

img 13
  • NPC: Viverza
  • Location: Manshaum Forest
  • Requirements: Kill 4000 Manshaums
  • Reward: Narc Solace x5 and 300 Contribution EXP

Katzvariak’s Venom

img 14
  • NPC: Leon
  • Location: Tshira Ruins
  • Requirements: Kill 4000 monsters in Tshira Ruins
  • Reward: Katzvariak’s Venom x5 and 300 Contribution EXP

Valtarra’s Memory

img 15
  • NPC: Enro
  • Location: Navarn Steppe
  • Requirements: Defeat 3000 Ferica’s and collect x500 Soft Ferri Feathers by Tanning the dead Ferica’s
  • Reward: Valtarra’s Memory x5 and 300 Contribution EXP
img 16

You can also obtain infinite potions through an upgrade process. You only need one of the rare drops to obtain a weaker version. Using this method, three tiers of infinite potion will recover HP.

img 17

Infinite Potion is now available in 2 smaller versions that are easier to obtain. These smaller infinite pots are called “Blessed Spirit Essence” and “Greater Blessed Spirit Essence.” The first tier is created from one of the three rare drops required for the normal infinite potion.

Requires any 1 of the following:

  • img 18 Sherekhan’s Panacea (Sherekhan Necropolis, Drieghan)
  • img 19 Ron’s Tintinnabulum (Tooth Fairy Forest, Kamasylvia)
  • img 20 Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak (Blood Wolf Settlement, Drieghan)


There are three tiers of infinite potions that recover HP.

125HP > 200HP > 275HP

img 21
img 22

Tier 1 Infinite Potion

To create the tier 1 infinite pot, “Blessed Spirit Essence” is step one of the upgrade paths you must take.

img 23

Step-by-Step Process:

  • Hunt mobs until you get one of three rare drops.
  • Take and show to Merindora <Eldest Spirit> of Grána, Kamasylvia.
  • Merindora will give you Everlasting Water.

Arrange Everlasting Water with the rare drop in one of the following patterns:

You can convert your Spirit Essence back to its single rare drop by using Processing (L) > Simple Alchemy.

Tier 2 Infinite Potion

img 27

Greater Blessed Spirit Essence is the second tier of obtaining an infinite potion. This pot recovers 75 more HP than the tier 1 potion. You can upgrade to this pot by obtaining one of the remaining missing drops. 

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NOTE: It can’t be the same rare drop you used to create the tier 1 pot!

Tier 2 Infinite Pot Pattern:

Similar to the T1 potion, take one of the two remaining rare pieces, combine it with the tier 1 pot, and follow this pattern below:

NOTE: make sure the rare drop is one you didn’t use previously to make the tier 1 pot!

Tier 3 Infinite Potion

img 31

Ornette’s Spirit Essence is the third and last tier of Infinite Potion, and this one recovers 75 more HP than the tier 2 potion. You must obtain the last remaining rare drop and two other items to upgrade to this pot.

NOTE: It can’t be the same rare drops you used to create the tier 1 or 2 pots!

Tier 3 Infinite Pot Pattern:

Like the previous potion tiers, combine the last remaining rare piece with the tier 2 pot. You will then need two additional pieces you can obtain by exchanging mob drops. 

The following items are:

Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone

img 32

You can obtain Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone from Moyamo in exchange for 300 Peridot Leafs, which can be obtained as rewards from Daily Quests.

Peridot Leaf Daily Quests in Kamasylvia

Peridot Leaf is obtainable through Daily Quests in Kamasylvia. You can obtain 191 Peridot Leaves by repeating the quests in Kamasylvia and 24 from the quests in Grana City. Please refer to the table below for details.

Gayak’s Courage Stone

img 35

You can get Gayak’s Courage Stone by exchanging 30 Garmoth’s Scales with Camira. Garmoth’s Scale drops from a rare elite mob and normal mobs in different hunting locations in Dreighan: Bloodwolf Settlement, Khalk Canyon, Sherekan Necropolis, and Tshira Ruins.

Collect 100 of each drop and give them to Merindora in Grana, Kamasylvia.

Use Processing (L) – Simple Alchemy on the 100 mob drops + the item Merindora gives you.


Here are simple alchemy recipes you can follow for Pot (potion) Pieces:

  • Blood Wolf’s Oath x100 + Crimson Breath of Resentment x1 = Ash Halfmoon Kagtunak x1
  • Dragon’s Fang x100 + Dragon’s Roar x1 = Sherekhan’s Panacea x1
  • Tranquil Tinniolum x100 + Forest’s Whisper x1 = Ron’s Tintinnabulum x1


img 37
img 38

If you get the infinite potion, you don’t have to spend more on normal potions sold by NPC or in the market, and this item will greatly help you on your further journey. For players with a permanent potion, it is strongly recommended to use a Fairy with an Auto-potion feature to make the player’s life even easier.

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