Black Ops – Cold War: How to Fix Blurry Vision In-game



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The newest Call of Duty has been finally released and some players feel like the game’s graphics are far more blurry than other titles from Ubisoft from the past.

Black Ops – Cold War: How to Fix Blurry Vision In-game

This can be altered to some extent, but sometimes lower-end systems won’t be able to rectify the problem with. Nonetheless, try these fixes for yourself and find out whether any of them work for you.

How to Fix Blurry Vision In-Game – COD Black Ops Cold War

  1. Launch Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.
  2. From the menu go to your Settings.
  3. Go to the Graphics tab.

After that, follow the guidelines below to set up the best settings possible to avoid blurry vision in-game. Here are the guidelines:

  • Your Display Mode should always be Fullscreen mode, unless you are experiencing running issues.
  • Refresh Rate should be the same as your monitor. Kindly look at your monitor’s model number and find its refresh rate online, or in the monitor’s settings.
  • I recommend that you turn of all V-Sync capabilities. Both menu and gameplay one.
  • Like the refresh rate, the display resolution should be set to be the same as your monitor’s native resolution.
  • As for the Render Resolution, set it to 100.
  • In Post-Processing Effects, set Anti-Aliasing quality to disabled, motion blur to either self-only or disabled, and Ambient Occlusion quality to the highest possible your system can support.
  • Well, all-in-all those are all the settings that could lower blur in your game. However, you can set the other settings to highest possible that your computer can support to sharpen image quality.

On top of these, if you are running an Nvidia graphics card you can set up a Sharpening filter if you like to do so. To open the overlay while in-game, click Alt + F3 and setup the filter.

As for other aspects, you should consider using your GPU to run Cold War and not your integrated graphics. You can change this from your graphics settings!

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