Blade Gets the Hero Spotlight in Latest Preview from Midnight Suns



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Mahershala Ali’s Blade movie may have been caught in a snag, but the Daywalker is set to appear in the highly-anticipated Mdinight Suns from Firaxis Games.

Blade Gets the Hero Spotlight in Latest Preview from Midnight Suns

Just in, we have a hero spotlight for Blade, and it gives us a teaser of his moveslist and overall attitude in the upcoming strategy title. Watch this:

We don’t really have a breakdown of skills yet, but it does look like Blade will come with an arsenal of weapons, from his swords for close-range combat, to his guns for ranged attacks. Blade also comes with an arsenal of weapons to help him bust vampires, but I guess he can tweak them a little to inflict pain on anything.

I’m sure his half-vampire status will also have something to do with his skillset, but for now, I guess we don’t have enough information to make an educated guess. I will say this about Midnight Suns, they do get pretty extensive with the character skills when it comes to thinking up their abilities.

After centuries of sleep, Lilith, Mother of Demons, has been revived by Hydra through a twist of dark magic and science. Lilith is determined to bring back her evil master, Chthon, and when Marvel’s Midnight Suns releases, you’ll be the world’s best hope of stopping her. Fortunately, you won’t be alone. As the Hunter, a legendary demon slayer with a mysterious past, you’ll fight alongside the Midnight Suns – an unlikely group of seasoned Super Heroes and dangerous supernatural warriors.

Midnight Suns launches on Dec. 2.

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