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Blazing Sails met its players by opening early access on September 9, 2020. It is a piracy game in the Battle Royal type, which has been very popular with many players recently.

Blazing Sails : How to Heal

In Blazing Sails, the aim is to loot specific items from the islands for your ship and yourself and eliminate them by fighting other players. The items you collect from the islands usually consist of cannonballs to your ship, pieces of wood to repair your ship’s damage suffered in battles and weapons, and bullets for yourself. You can also collect items you need from the islands to heal yourself when you take damage.

Let’s see how you can heal yourself in Blazing Sails.

How To Heal In Blazing Sails

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Since the sea battles in the game are quite challenging, you and your ship will inevitably be damaged. You can do not only ship battles but also land battles with other players in the game. At this point, you have to heal yourself in order not to die when you get damaged. Battle drink is all you need to heal yourself.

To heal in Blazing Sails, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press the “E” key to add “Battle Drink” to your inventory.

step one how to heal blazing seal

Step 2: Press the “H” key to use battle drink to heal.

step two how to heal blazing seal

It’s that easy. You can heal yourself and take part in battles longer by using a battle drink. Battle drinks are generally available on the islands. For this, you can go to an island immediately after starting the game and find a battle drink. It will be beneficial for you to loot lots of battle drinks in your inventory before fighting.

It is also to your advantage to heal yourself in a place away from war. For this, you can return to fight again by keeping yourself away from the battle for a moment and healing yourself.

how to join team blazing seals cover

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