How to Get to Cainhurst in Bloodborne


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The Forsaken Castle of Cainhurst is a hidden area in the game, the home of the Vilebloods. Several attractive weapons and loot are waiting for you in the area. However, how do you get to Cainhurst in the first place?

How to Get to Cainhurst in Bloodborne

There are some requirements to meet before you can go to Cainhurst Castle. The good news is they’re not hard to meet. Keep on reading to the end to know more about this area in Bloodborne.

Before Heading to Cainhurst Castle

There are specific steps to take before you gain access to Cainhurst Castle. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Kill Vicar Amelia.
  2. Examine the skull on her altar to change the world to Night.
  3. Go to the Forbidden Woods, notably Iosefka’s Clinic.
  4. Open the gate that leads to the clinic front.
  5. Enter the clinic and get the Cainhurst Summons.
  6. Go to Hemwick Charnel Lane.
  7. Kill the Witch of Hemwick.
  8. Find the tall stone obelisk with two Executioners around it.
  9. Approach the obelisk.

These actions will allow you to gain access to Cainhurst Castle. However, you have to be careful. If you die, you’ll never get the chance again. The following section will explain in more detail.

Going to Cainhurst Castle

When you reach the area near the tall stone obelisk, you’ll have to be careful. You can always avoid the Executioners and other enemies through stealth, or you can kill all the enemies in the area.

If you die, you’ll never get another Cainhurst Summons again. The castle will become inaccessible henceforth after your death.

To get to Cainhurst Castle, you must use the summons before reaching the area. This reason is why survival is so important. Should you manage to approach the area without dying, a cutscene will trigger.

You’ll see a horse and carriage arrive at the scene, and then it switches back to gameplay. All you have to do is enter the carriage and watch another cutscene.

After the second cutscene, you’ll have to move forward, as it’s the only way to go. Light the area lamp, and now, you can come back after death.

What’s in Cainhurst Castle?

There’s a sizeable loot hoard waiting for you to take in Cainhurst Castle. However, the two weapons and one Hunter Tool here are worth mentioning above all.

In Cainhurst Castle, there is a pistol named Evelyn, one of three in the game. It has the highest Bloodtinge scaling out of the pistols in Bloodborne. The Evelyn is highly effective in combat, making it a priority weapon to grab.

The next weapon is the Reiterpallasch, a rapier with a pistol built into the body. It’s a Trick Weapon, and you can use it for parry baiting. As you can wield it alongside other firearms and weapons, the possible builds involving the Reiterpallasch are unique.

As for the Hunter Tool, it’s the Executioner’s Gloves, and players can summon homing skulls with them. The Executioner’s Gloves are excellent against enemies weak to arcane damage.

Join the Vilebloods

Annalise, the Queen of Vilebloods, dwells in this castle as well, and you can kneel before her. Joining the Vilebloods grants access to even more rewards, but you’ll still have to arrive at Cainhurst Castle. You’ll likely find the journey exciting.

Did you choose to join the Cainhurst Vilebloods? Which of the two weapons do you like more? Let us know in the comments section below.

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