How to Beat Heroes for Hire in Marvel Strike Force


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The Heroes for Hire are an old team of superheroes that fight for a fee. In Marvel Strike Force, some members teamed up, and you’ll have to fight them. However, this team is quite challenging to defeat, and many players struggle to win.

How to Beat Heroes for Hire in Marvel Strike Force

If you’re a player struggling to beat this formidable team, you’re in the right place. The community immediately got to work, and there are now counters to the Heroes for Hire team.

Keep on reading to find out the best strategy against them. We’ll also introduce some replacement characters if available.

The Heroes for Hire Team

The opponent team consists of:

  • Colleen Wing
  • Misty Knight
  • Luke Cage
  • Iron Fist
  • Jessica Jones
  • Shang Chi

As there are only five members in a team, you may encounter Jessica Jones or Shang Chi.

The deadliest opponent is Colleen Wing, who can deal tremendous damage to your team. The best strategy is to take her out first, making the rest of the battle trivial. The other Heroes for Hire team members are pretty strong too, but you’ll survive if you have a competent healer.

Countering the Heroes for Hire

Some of the best counters to the Heroes for Hire are a team consisting of:

  • Red Skull
  • Crossbones
  • Baron Zemo
  • Hydra Rifle Trooper
  • Kestrel

Kestrel is a crucial member of this team, as her Ultimate ability prevents anyone killed by it from being revived. As Colleen Wing is the strongest opponent in this battle, you must make sure she dies early and can’t return. Once you achieve this, all you have to do is let Red Skull heal and revive any fallen allies.

The Hydra Rifle Trooper might seem like a bad pick, but he’s here for a reason. Colleen Wing will always look for the weakest unit, and the Hydra Rifle Trooper has the lowest HP in the team. Thus, he’ll usually die first.

However, Red Skull is here to save the day and revive the Trooper, who unleashes an AoE attack. This action effectively punishes all enemies for successfully killing him. The best part is that using this strategy makes all opponents use their charges.

Once you weaken Colleen Wing enough, Kestrel’s Ultimate can wipe her out. Your Kestrel should be highly upgraded to ensure victory.

If you don’t have Crossbones, Silver Surfer can be a suitable replacement. He can remove opponent charges with his own Ultimate. Doing so makes the fight trivial, as the Heroes for Hire will lose their primary source of damage.

Another team you can consider for this battle is the Infinity Watch team. This team includes:

  • Adam Warlock
  • Nebula
  • Moondragon
  • Phylla-Vell
  • Gamora

This team is an Apex team, and once you upgrade it to surpass the Heroes for Hire’s Team Power, you’re guaranteed to win.

Hit Their Weak Points

The Heroes for Hire are formidable in a fight due to Colleen Wing’s abilities and strong attacks. However, once she’s off the field, the rest of the opponents are easily defeated. You only need a strong healer and durable tanks to outlast them.

What team did you use to beat the Heroes for Hire? How many tries did it take? Tell us in the comments section below.

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