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If Greek philosophers went to the world of Blox Fruits, they’d be surprised with the many elements there. These elements are tied to Blox Fruits, and players can easily fight enemies with the fruits’ powers. One of the most popular elements is the Light Fruit, known for its incredible flight speeds.

How to Awaken Light in Blox Fruits

If you wish to awaken your Light Fruit and don’t know how – you’re in luck. We’ll take a look at the fastest ways to farm for the Fragments you need. That way, awakening your Light Fruit becomes much more manageable.

Get a Light Fruit First

By visiting the Blox Fruit Dealer, you may be just in time to buy a Light Fruit. His fruits change several times a day if you wish to buy them with Beli, the regular in-game currency. However, you can always buy it with Robux at any time of the day.

Once you get the Light Fruit, you’ll have to wait until Raids are available. The reason is that without Raids, you won’t get to earn Fragments, and Fragments are the currency you need for awakenings.

Farming for Fragments

The only time awakenings are available is when you reach Level 1,100 and beyond. This point is when Raids become available, and you have to unlock the Second Sea to gain access to Fragments anyway. Even if you get to the Second Sea at Level 700, you’re still not strong enough to play in Raids.

If you’re not strong enough, try grinding until you reach Level 1,100. It’s only the bare minimum for Raids, but it’s close enough to suit your needs if your goal is to awaken Light Fruit.

Killing Sea Beasts

Sea Beasts are an enemy only found in the Second Sea, and you need to be in a Boat to find one. As multiple players can team up, this has led to the creation of Sea Beast hunting parties. Parties like this involve sailing around for Sea Beasts, which appear more often when more people are nearby.

Killing a Sea Beast gives you 250 Fragments.

Clearing Raids

The best way to farm for Fragments is to complete Raids. You always gain at least 300 Fragments, even if you lose. However, you can get up to 1,000 Fragments for Raid completions.

It’s good practice to team up with other players to make the grind easier, but if you’re strong enough to finish a Raid alone, go for it.

Defeating a YouTuber

Occasionally, you’ll find players with the YouTuber title. Some of these players will have bounties on them. If you defeat them in battle, you get 250,000 Beli and 2,500 Fragments for the win.

Buying Fragments

If you have some extra Robux on hand, it’s possible to convert them into Fragments. You can go to the shop and do this if you’re in a pinch.

Awakening the Light Fruit

To awaken the Light Fruit, you have to beat the Light Raid, which applies to other fruits and their corresponding Raids. After you beat the requisite Raid, the following events will happen:

  1. After you complete the Light Raid, you’ll teleport to a new area.
  2. Talk to the mysterious person you encounter.
  3. Pay the required Fragments to unlock a talent (if you have enough).
  4. Repeat for all skills until you fully awaken the Light Fruit.

The total amount of Fragments you need is 14,500 for full awakening.

Travel at the Speed of Light

A fully awakened Light Fruit can let you fly at blistering speeds and yet remain in control. As the fastest fruit in the game with powerful attacks, it’s not hard to see why people love it. Ideally, you should only awaken the Light Fruit when you’re over Level 1,200.

How many fruits have you fully awakened besides Light? Do you enjoy using the Light Fruit? Tell us in the comments section below.

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