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Fragments are considered a secondary currency in Blox Fruits and have replaced Rare Artifacts a few updates ago. Since they are primarily used to awaken some Elemental Devil Fruits, change your race, and obtain powerful items, Fragments are lucrative for new and veteran players alike.

How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits

While it might seem challenging to get a lot of Fragments in a short time, it’s actually relatively simple to get thousands of Fragments in a day if you have a group and a plan.

This article will advise you on the best ways to get Fragments in Blox Fruits.

Getting Fragments in Blox Fruits

There are several ways to get more Fragments in Blox Fruits, but some of them are more reliable and worthwhile than others.

Defeating a Sea Beast

If you’re traveling via boat in the New World, then you can encounter a Sea Beast. They can be a decent challenge even for more experienced players and take a bit of time to kill. Killing a Sea Beast gives 250 Fragments. It isn’t a lot, especially since Sea Beasts are effectively a random spawn in the game.

If you want to better the odds of finding Sea Beasts to kill, you can start a so-called “SB Hunt” with a few other players. A Hunt involves each party member using a separate boat and going into the Second or Third Sea. This Hunt increases the odds of Sea Beasts spawning in the area and can even generate multiple Beasts at once, which can be a challenge.

However, Sea Beasts are not particularly lucrative even if you plan your hunts due to the few Fragments you get from killing them.

Defeating Darkbeard

Darkbeard is an extension of hunting Sea Beasts. This boss is only unlocked if you find and activate a Fist of Darkness from killing a Sea Beast. He spawns in the Dark Arena in the Second Sea and is a global raid boss, meaning any player on the server can help out. Once Darkbeard is summoned, he stays there for only 15 minutes, so make sure you’re nearby and have the means to kill him quickly.

When you defeat Darkbeard, he grants 1,500 Fragments to all players who have dealt at least 10% of his maximum health in damage (10,000 damage). However, Darkbeard can be overwhelmingly powerful against single players, so it’s recommended to have a group of few players at least to help out.

Setting your spawn in the Ice Castle is also a good idea for the raid since it’s the closest possible spawn location to Darkbeard’s base.

Defeating Rip Indra

Rip Indra is another raid boss that you can summon to get some Fragments. The item that generates Rip Indra is a Chalice, which can be found by killing Elite Pirates or opening Chests around the world. Rip Indra resides in the Castle on the Sea (in the Third Sea) and stays there for 15 minutes once summoned.

You have to deal at least 10% of his health (15,000) in damage to get 1,500 Fragments once he is killed. Rip Indra is another powerful boss, and he’ll heal all of his damage and enter a second stage once he gets low on health, so don’t be deceived by his relative weakness at the start.

Defeating a YouTuber

Defeating anyone with a YouTuber title equipped gives you 250,000 Beli and 2,500 Fragments. You have to get the bounty for those players to obtain this reward, and not all YouTubers are easy to find (or beat).

Fruit Raids

Fruit Raids are by far the most efficient way of getting Fragments. You can launch a raid with a few of your friends and get Fragments based on how long it takes you to finish it. The smallest amount you can get is 250 upon successful completion, and the largest is 1,000 if you finish with at least 2:36 remaining.

Some fruit raids are more complex than others, but a single Buddha player makes them much easier.

You can also game the system somewhat by having all players carry a Microchip or two to activate raids quickly. A few raids will last for about half an hour to 40 minutes if you’re high-level players and equipped to deal with raid-specific challenges. However, this is the best way to farm Fragments daily.

Start Your Fragment Hoard

Amassing Fragments in Blox Fruits might take some time, even for a high-level player, but the investment is usually worth it. They are used for some of the most powerful items and fruit awakenings and shouldn’t be overlooked.

What is your favorite method of getting more Fragments? Let us know in the comment section below.

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