Bravely Default 2: How to Get the Gambler Job



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Bravely Default 2 has one of the most interesting class systems compared to many other RPGs out there. There are hundreds of jobs/classes out there, and using them is essential if you want to remain viable in the game. Among many strategic and powerful jobs, there are also some bizarre jobs, quite frankly weird. For example, there is a job called the Gambler.

Bravely Default 2: How to Get the Gambler Job

It explains what you might expect in its name, The Gambler job. Basically, there are some powerups like double damage, and reviving allies. However, these are a 50-50 chance to execute.

How to Get the Gambler Job – Bravely Default 2

In its description, it states that gamblers usually have to use their skills to wager on the wheel, most of the time with effects that will leave the whole party smiling. There are two skills that come with this job:

  • Odds and Evens – Physical attack which can deal double damage on a target, but it depends whether the result is even or odd.
  • Life or Death – Revive allies and restore some HP, depending on what the wheel lands on. If it lands on a skull, it will KO the player.

With that being said, players can easily see how interesting this job is. Nonetheless, getting it is quite a process, so let’s get down to it. To get the Gambler job in Bravely Default, do the following:

  1. Defeat the Beastmaster – Anniehow boss.
  2. Go to Savalon and enter the gaming hall in the top-right.
  3. Talk with the first NPC on the right called Sherley.
  4. Finish the card game tutorial. Talk with Orpheus, who is left of the staircase in the gaming hall.
  5. Play cards against some of the NPCs here, and make sure that you defeat many of them. Play 2-3 games.
  6. IMPORTANT: Make a manual save of the game, and then interact with Sherley again.
  7. Defeat her in the card game, and a boss fight will start. Emerge victorious, and you will get the Gambler job.

Beating her will require luck, because after all, the job is called the Gambler. It is important to make a manual save before, because she is quite powerful, and you might get a game over.

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