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Brawl Stars is a hero shooter and battle arena mobile game developed by Supercell. The game boasts unique characters that cater to various playstyles, and there’s always something for everyone. However, to get Brawlers and other items, you need Gems.

How to Get Free Gems in Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, Gems are the premium currency, and there aren’t many ways to get them. We’ll discuss how to obtain as many Gems as possible. The more gems you have, the better your Brawl Stars experience becomes.

Why Do You Need Gems?

As a premium currency, you can use Gems to buy the following:

  • Brawlers

Brawlers are the game’s characters used in battles. While you may get free Brawlers occasionally, Gems are great for buying specific rarities. Rarer Brawlers tend to be stronger than common ones.

  • Coins

While we don’t recommend spending your hard-earned Gems on coins, they’re still an option for the time-deprived player. Coins are best used for upgrading Brawlers, which may justify this purchase to a degree.

  • The Brawl Pass

The Brawl Pass is the premium battle pass in Brawl Stars, and it contains many exclusive rewards. Some Brawlers only appear in the Pass, making it a worthwhile investment. Spending 30 Gems also grants you a tier level in the Brawl Pass if you want to speed up your process.

Without the Brawl Pass Bundle, the standard Pass costs 169 Gems. The bundle, on the other hand, costs 249 Gems. It comes with five extra tier levels and the rewards and additional quests that come with the former.

  • Brawl Boxes

These are Brawl Star’s mystery boxes. They may contain a myriad of valuable items such as Star Power, Gadgets, or desirable Brawlers. Test your luck with these Brawl Boxes to find out if you’ll get a strong character.

  • Skins

Brawler skins don’t change the core mechanics or gameplay in the slightest. However, buying and equipping them will alter your Brawler’s appearance. You buy skins either for showing off or liking how they look.

  • Pins

Every week, you can spend Gems on Pins. These items are emotes you used in battle to communicate with others. Pins also don’t give you an advantage in any way.

  • Token Doubler

Token Doublers are items that double the number of Tokens after completing a match. The more Token you get, the sooner you level up your battle pass, free or premium. This item doesn’t give you double Tokens from beating quests, though.

How to Get Free Gems in Brawl Stars

The harsh reality in Brawl Stars is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Yes, the game lets you earn Gems without spending a penny, but this will take an extremely long time. Here are the three best ways to gain Gems.

  • Leveling Up the Brawl Pass

The free battle pass rewards you with a total of 90 Gems once you reach the appropriate level. The disappointing news is that the premium pass doesn’t give extra Gems as an incentive. For the current Pass, you need to reach Level 62 to get the last 20 Gems.

  • Opening Brawl Boxes

Sometimes, you’ll get Gems from opening Brawl Boxes. The rarer the Box, the higher your chances of getting extra Gems. The lowest number of Gems you can get this way is five, while Big Boxes can give you up to 15.

Mega Boxes have a maximum Gem reward of 25, but you have to buy them.

  • Buying Gem Packs

The easiest way to earn Gems is to spend your money and buy them from the Shop. Gem Packs range from 30 Gems to as many as 2,000. Reaching certain levels will unlock one-time special offer packs, which contain some Gems.

It’s All Up to Chance

With lots of patience and grinding, you’ll eventually earn enough Gems to buy a premium Brawl Pass. Of course, there’s always spending some money if you don’t want to go down the free-to-play route. Either way, Gems will make Brawl Stars more enjoyable.

How many Gems do you have right now? Have you earned Gems from opening Brawl Boxes? Tell us in the comments section below.

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