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Need to cook food or create an elixir? Need to warm Link up while on a snowy mountain? Or, you just need to pass the time? Looks like you need to start a fire!

How to Start a Fire in Zelda BOTW

Fire is a vital element in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as much of the environment and items in the game are flammable and can spread the fire. Fire can be used creatively in battle, like setting the grass on fire to create an updraft and paraglide, and in the overworld. Fire is used on cooking pots to cook food and elixirs, and on campfires for warmth and to pass the time.

Here are a couple of ways to start a fire:

Method 1: Flint + Wood = Fire

One simple way of creating a campfire is by using Flint and Wood. You can obtain Flint by breaking various Ore Deposits and Wood by cutting trees.

  • Go to your inventory and hold one Flint and one Wood.
  • Drop them on the ground, make sure that they are a few inches from each other, and attack on the Flint using a metal weapon.

If there is already an unlit campfire or cooking pot, just drop a flint and do the same method.

Method 2: Fire Transfer

As mentioned above, there are items in the game that are flammable like wooden weapons, tree branches, and torches. These items can be used to carry and transfer fire onto the wood. The safest item to light on fire is the torch as it is actually meant to be lit on fire. Lighting other flammable items on fire may damage them and lessen their durability.

  • Using any flammable weapon, attack on an already lit up campfire, lantern, lava, or torch.
  • Carry and attack again on an unlit campfire or dropped wood.

You can also use normal arrows to light stuff on fire:

  • Equip your bow and arrow, go near a lit fire, and the arrow will light on fire.
  • Shoot the arrow on an unlit campfire or dropped wood.

If you want to save arrows, quickly walk toward the unlit campfire or dropped wood before the fire on the arrow disappears (which is around 9 seconds). Then, unequip to get rid of the fire arrow. Note that sprinting will unequip your bow and arrow.

Method 3: Fire Weapons

Fire-based weapons, like the flameblade, fire rod, fire arrows, and bomb arrows, can be used to set the wood on fire. Simply attack or shoot (from afar if you’re using bomb arrows because duh) on an unlit campfire or dropped wood to set them on fire.

Method 4: Red Chuchu Jelly = Fire

Fire Chuchus, which are typically found in hot areas like Death Mountain, drop Red Chuchu Jellies. When struck upon, these Red Chuchu Jellies explode which makes it a great alternative for Flint. It is also possible to turn regular Chuchu Jellies into Red Chuchu Jellies simply by dropping them to a campfire or striking it with a fire-based weapon.

Final Thoughts

As emphasized above, fire is an important element in Breath Of The Wild. It can be used to burn platforms, grass, plants, and detonate explosive barrels to damage enemies, and so on. Bringing a lit torch, even just equipping a fire-based weapon can keep Link warm in cold climates. If you’re creative enough, you can do cool things with fire in the game. Just remember, when trying to start a campfire, you’ll have to wait for the rain to stop or look for shade.

What’s your favorite way of starting a fire? Tell us in the comments!

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