Breathedge: Does it Have VR?



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It is very interesting to see how far survival games have come. Back in the day, survival games had plots situated on deserted islands or lands. Not Breathedge though.

Breathedge: Does it Have VR?

Breathedge is one of the first survival games that is set in space. There are quite different challenges to other games that many players are used to, like going out of your pod to collect space debris. The game is beautiful in every way, which is why it would benefit from VR so much.

But is it possible to play Breathedge in VR at the moment?

Does Breathedge Have VR?

The short answer is no. Breathedge doesn’t have any VR capabilities at the moment, but there have been certain reports that the developers are working on that at the moment.

In fact, the developers released a statement back in 2018 saying that the game will be made available for consoles and for VR as well. It was in early access for quite a while, and many players’ main complaint was that it was too short.

However, there has been much more contend added from then, and it is still a stunning game, if not more.

At the moment, there are no estimation to when the VR support will be integrated in the game. Playing the game will give you’re the vibe that it is quite a complex game.

Because of its complexity, many believe that VR is at least one year away. After all, it sounds reasonable, the game had quirks just by playing it with keyboard and mouse, which means VR will be quite hard to add.

To sum up, at the moment the game doesn’t have any VR capabilities, but it is planned for the future. On top of that, since many players are eagerly waiting for it, it is a huge incentive for the developers to rush this feature.

Many players avoid playing the game altogether, just to experience it in VR. At the moment, all that is left to do is sit tightly, and hope that it comes out this year – 2021.

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