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With tons of unique bugs to catch in Bugsnax, you could easily get overwhelmed. However, there is a particularly interesting bug called Crispy Snakpod which has a bag of chips appearance and usually is stuck on walls.

Bugsnax : How to Catch a Crispy Snakpod

It might be challenging to line up and catch it correctly, so we deemed it important to show you the easiest way to do so. Also, we will tell you where you can find this creature if you haven’t found one.

How to Catch a Crispy Snakpod – Bugsnax

  1. If you haven’t found a Crispy Snakpod, you need to go to Garden Grove.
  2. The game is random, most of the time they spawn on walls and sometimes you can find them on the ground. If it’s on the wall then you need to put a launchpad down.
  3. Put the launch pad relatively close distance from the snack.
  4. You can either put a snack trap down on the launch pad, and launch it. Once it reaches relatively close to the bug, activate it.
  5. This can be difficult, but worry not because there is another way. Instead of a trap, stand on the launchpad with your character. Launch yourself by aiming at it.
  6. When you’re the closest distance to it, catch it!
  7. That’s it!

The Crispy Snakpod is a chips bag that is relatively unusual compared to other bugs in this game. It doesn’t serve that big of a purpose and weirdly enough it doesn’t move around.

As I said, there are many bugs which are far more special in the Garden Grove.

However, if you are playing this game, chances are you are more of an explorer and an achiever, so you’ll definitely want to add the Crispy Snakpod to your collection!

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