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The MP5 weapon in Call of Duty Warzone is a popular one with low recoil, decent damage, and very fast killing time if an enemy pops up in front of you. It’s easy to kill with the MP5 from close range and if you’re a skilled player. However, why not upgrade it a little bit by applying some of the best MP5 loadouts for Season 5 in Warzone?

Call of Duty Warzone: Best MP5 loadout for Season 5

These upgrades will make your MP5 much more powerful, accurate, and easy to handle. Let’s dive inside the list and show you the goods.

Top 5 MP5 Loadouts for Season 5 in Warzone

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor – This muzzle loadout for the MP5 in CoD Warzone serves two main purposes. First, it will ensure that you are hidden from the enemy’s minimaps. Second, it provides a decent boost in recoil control, helping you make more accurate shots and overall handle your weapon better.

Stock: Raider Stock – In addition to being accurate and dealing a lot of damage with your MP5, one thing most players neglect is being agile and moving fast across the terrain. This is exactly what the Raider Stock loadout can help you with. It provides a much-needed boost in mobility, granting more movement speed that will make it much harder for enemies to hit you.

Pistol Grip: Airborne Elastic Wrap – This MP5 loadout is one of the best there is. It increases the ADS speed, providing more control over your weapon and helping you kill more enemies. However, if you want more control over vertical and horizontal recoil control, then I suggest using the Field Agent Grip loadout for your MP5.

Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight – Much like the Agency Suppressor Muzzle, this Tiger Team Spotlight laser also serves many crucial roles. Firstly, it provides a great boost in shooting range, allowing us to kill our targets from further with ease. Second, it provides additional movement speed, making us run faster and avoid being hit by the enemy with such ease.

Ammunition: Stanag 50 Round Drum – And finally, this one is pretty obvious but extremely useful. It allows us to fire the MP5 for much longer until it’s time to reload again. Basically, it allows more ammo to be fired before reloading.

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