Call of Duty – Warzone: Season 2 Not Starting [Solved]



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Warzone was one of the greatest releases for FPS games in 2020. Many enjoy it daily, and there are a lot of DLCs and updates being added regularly to the game.

Call of Duty – Warzone: Season 2 Not Starting [Solved]

Even though that’s all well and good, sometimes after players update their game, some errors might occur. This is completely normal, although it happens rarely, but still, what you might expect from having your game files altered/updated.

There isn’t a clear fix for this issue, but that is not to say that you can’t fix it. There a few things you can try.

Season 2 Not Starting – Warzone [Solved]

There has been a common perpetrator when it comes to this error after the Season 2’s update at Warzone, and the same goes for Cold War. Usually, the setting might get corrupted, and not properly launch the game.

Nonetheless, first off, we will need to troubleshoot whether the issue might be system-wise, to do that, your OS and GPU drivers must be up to date.

Windows Update and GPU Drivers


To update, or check whether you have the latest version of Windows, start by opening your Start menu. In there, search for “Windows Update”. Open it, and see whether you have the latest version.

Graphics Card Drivers

As for your GPU drivers, same as your Windows update, start by searching for “Device Manager” in your Start menu. Expand your Display Adapters, find your GPU and right-click > Update Driver.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you try to launch the game in-between these fixes.

Reset In-Game Settings

This is the most common issue that might cause this error after out-of-date GPU drivers and OS. It is fairly easy to reset your setting in Warzone though, without even launching the game:

  1. Open up This PC.
  2. Go to your Documents, and then Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
  3. Rename all of the folders to “old” or “backup”.
  4. Launch Warzone.

Controlled-Folder Access and Run as Administrator

Sometimes, Warzone might not be able to make changes or read certain files. This is due to controlled-folder access not letting it do so. Try this:

  1. In your Start Menu, search for “Controlled Folder Access”.
  2. Open it, and click “Allow an app through controlled folder access”.
  3. Press “Add an allowed app” > “Browse all apps”.
  4. Find Warzone and select it.
  5. Done.

Other than that, you can also try launching Warzone as an administrator. Simply find a Warzone shortcut, right-click it, and go to Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and select “Run this program as an administrator”.

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