Can Biomutant Be Played on an Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)


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Biomutant has impressed a lot of action RPG lovers out there. With the few sneak peaks that players got, the game looks stunning in every single way, both mechanically and practically speaking. However, the question on everybody’s mind right now is: Can Biomutant be played on an ultrawide monitor, or 21:9 resolution? Well, information on this topic is a bit, one might say, non-existent.

Can Biomutant Be Played on an Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)

Can You Play Biomutant on an Ultrawide Monitor (21:9)?

The debate on this subject is very heated, with many players asking themselves, why would a game be released without support for 21:9? It is not as though it is officially reported that this resolution won’t be supported in Biomutant, but this topic has always been a sensitive one for players, especially, if you have made such an investment for a monitor of that caliber.

But, will Biomutant have a native resolution scale of 21:9? Well, the honest answer is that nobody knows. We went through most of the debates on the topic, and not a single one was answered by a developer, or officially by the studio themselves.

One thread on the Steam Community forum states that an insider of Biomutant has went on to say that Biomutant will have 21:9 resolution and 32:9, which is surprising.

However, this cannot be proven, since the comment didn’t link the official thread in question.

One thing which is fair to mention is that we found Zyddie, the insider, which has been mentioned that they made a statement on whether the game will come in 21:9 and 32:9 resolution. Zyddie is a global community manager for THQ Nordic, Biomutant’s publishers.

Again, we failed to find the official comment, and struggled to find information about the topic on Zyddie’s official twitter account.

At the moment, there is no information that is quotable, and we’re forced to say that for now, it is unknown whether Biomutant will be supported on the ultrawide monitor, or whether it will have 21:9 and 32:9 as native resolutions.

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