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Since the release of Erica, it was apparent; It spiked a whole new genre of interactive horror games. But with such an exceptional game, there are so many interested on which platforms can you play this game? Mostly, those that are on a Mac, are dying to know whether they can play Erica on a Mac. So, can you? Well, we tried to figure that out.

Can You Play Erica on a Mac

Erica: Can You Play on a Mac

Most of the time, Mac is overlooked as a platform for gaming. This is because the player base from a Mac is small almost in all games, since the Mac is considered, the productivity choice.

While it may be unfortunate, the numbers indicate that this statement is true. Nonetheless, it still isn’t a good enough answer. In the case of Erica though, is it supported on the Mac?

Unfortunately, Erica cannot be played on a Mac. There is no official support for it, and while Erica was released as a PS-only game, or in other words, a PS exclusive, now, it is available for Windows as well. Do we see this changing in the future and a possible Mac support?

Well, it’s possible, but highly unlikely. There are no official statements as to whether that will happen, nor do people think there is a need for that. However, there is a way to play Erica on a Mac.


Parallels is a virtual machine software for the Mac, from which you can run Windows operating system. The operating system on you Mac itself doesn’t change, but you get an application from which you can run Windows.

At the moment, that is the only way to play Erica. Now, it might be really inconvenient for some users, at least it’s a way to enjoy Erica, and other games which are not compatible with the Mac.

There is even a free trial, so that customers can test out the software for a few days, without making a purchase.

As for Erica coming officially to the Mac, chances are really low, as there is no information suggesting this could happen.

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