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Hitman 3 has rolled around, and all of the stealth agents out there are ready to get in on the action!

Can You Play Hitman 3 on a Mac

There is no doubt that Hitman has made some headlines with the newest installment in the franchise, but players on cloudy on which platforms they can experience this stealthy-action title. Since the last game, Hitman 2, they have made some fundamental changes, and also have added so much content that players can enjoy.

Even though most of the quirky things that annoyed everyone back in the day, like getting hit by bullets even though you’re behind a wall are still not fixed, it is still arguably the best stealth game you can play.

Hitman 3: Can You Play It on a Mac?

The Hitman franchise, only had one installment that was available for the Mac players out there. The second generation unfortunately wasn’t which was a bummer. However, there is an application called Wine which allows Mac and Linux users to enjoy Windows compatible applications.

While there are some apps that aren’t available on it, chances are that the most used ones are. Because of that, Hitman 2 was “available” for Mac users, through the Wine interface.

But what is the case with Hitman 3? Unfortunately, you can’t play Hitman 3 on a Mac.

Hitman 3 is only available for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and Microsoft Windows. Mac users have been overlooked frequently by developers.

Many of the new game releases these days rarely include compatibility for MacOS, and while this is unfortunate, there is a reason for this.

Why Are Games Rarely Available for Mac?

According to many statistics, the Mac players are such a small portion, that it is not worth for companies to pursue making the game available on that platform.

This is because a lot of funds have to be allocated to make the game compatible with the MacOS. Still, there are many players who are Mac users, and you can understand how frustrating it might be.

Also, there is the usual stereotype in the computer industry that suggest that MacOS users are usually more productivity-oriented instead of gaming-oriented.

To sum up, Hitman 3 remains unavailable for the MacOS, but there are some chances that it might become available through the Wine application in the future. Also, you can use a streaming platform such as GeForce Now, to enjoy this stealthy game on you Mac system.

To do so requires a pretty strong connection, and as with any streaming software, there is always a big chance that you will experience some sort of gameplay delay.

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