Can You Turn Off Crossplay In Rogue Company?



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When you go into a game in Rogue Company, you are prompted that the crossplay option is enabled. But, can you disable the crossplay option in this game? It’s a good addition to have.

Can You Turn Off Crossplay In Rogue Company?

This is all well and good to play with your buddies from other platforms, but may put you at a disadvantage if it puts you up against other platform players.

Can You Turn Off Crossplay? – Rogue Company

Well, it’s no secret that console players have quite a big advantage when it comes down to cross-platform play.

For shooter games, this is especially true because of the aim-assist implemented. However, that is not to say that PC players don’t have any advantages.

So, the most pressing question – can you turn off crossplay in Rogue Company?

Unfortunately, you cannot disable the crossplay feature in this game. This game is getting updated daily, and the developers are working around the clock to make all of its features as good as possible.

The Future For The Crossplay Option

Like I said above, they’re probably doing everything in theit power to make the game as perfectly as possible for the near future.

This means, and mind you this is just a speculation, that they’re conveniently not implementing a disable option for this, in order to test this feature out and see if there are any bugs or issues connected to it.

However, in a recent reddit post, one of the Hi-Rez studio’s staff members, has stated that even though it says that crossplay is active, it won’t be activated unless you have a player in your party which is not from your platform.

You might say that that’s great, and how could you say otherwise? Sadly, there is a controversy with Rogue Company’s cross-platform.

Players have reporting that they’ve seen other platform players in their game, even though they are playing solo or with the same platform players.

Nonetheless, we don’t know if these reports are valid or not. Until the developers add a disable option, we have to sit tight and wait.

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