Captains Of The Damned | Lighthouse Puzzle Solution in Sea Of Thieves


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In the new expansion of Sea Of Thieves, there is no shortage of content to be played. Even I, a retired pirate, considered to get back to it, and see what’s up. There are tons of new challenges and missions, and Captains of the Damned tale is one of them. There is a particular lighthouse puzzle that seems like it is proving to be quite challenging. Below, there is a lighthouse puzzle solution for Sea Of Thieves – Captains of the Damned.

Captains Of The Damned | Lighthouse Puzzle Solution in Sea Of Thieves

Lighthouse Puzzle Solution – Sea Of Thieves | Captains Of The Damned

Basically, players will encounter this puzzle after finding the Mercado key and using it at the clock tower. At the lighthouse, players will need to use the light to ignite five torches.

So, you will need to point the light at the rocks which will be opposite from the lighthouse, and use the light to ignite them. They’re pretty hard to see, and you will need to flash the light on the rocks to find them.

After reaching the lighthouse, simply use your lanthern to ignite the lighthouse. Then, you can use the right wheel to adjust height, and the left one to adjust the light to left and right.

There are five torches that need to be lit up in order to complete the puzzle, but as it is hard to explain all of their locations, use the video above, to see where you need to shine the lighthouse.

After completing the puzzle, players will get a log entry, and they can continue with Captains of the Damned.

There will also be some enemies at the lighthouse so be prepared for a fight once you start or finish the lighthouse puzzle.

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