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Sea Of Thieves finally got a new expansion and both new and veteran players are eager to get in on the action. But in true Sea Of Thieves fashion some missions are pretty hard to complete, as you will need to take down strong enemies and find hidden items. One such item is the Mercado key, and players seem to struggle at this point in the mission. Read on to see Mercado key’s location in Sea Of Thieves.

Sea Of Thieves: Mercado Key Location

Mercado Key Location – Sea Of Thieves

The key will be a requirement to complete Treasure for Eternity. It is quite easy to find it though, as it is not as hidden as many players like to think it is.

It can be found at Captains of the Damned Tale. To get it, simply go to the village. In the village, you will find a well at which you will find the Mercado key.

To make it easier for you, simply look for an NPC called Carlos near the well. This NPC will be tortured here, so that scene isn’t quite easy to miss. If you still can’t seem to locate the key, it sits at the edge of the well.

But where can you use the Mercado key? Well, you will need to advance further in the village, until you reach a tower with a clock on it, and you will see ‘Mercado’ written on it. It has a door on the right side of it, which can be opened with the Mercado key.

After that, take the stairs inside the tower, until you get to a torch which is situated next to an open window. Light the torch and then go outside.

Go to the other side of the building, and follow the path to the dock to get into a boat there.

Well, after this point it is quite easy to complete Treasure for Eternity, so I won’t give you any more spoilers. For clarity’s sake, the key can be found in Captains of the Damned Tale, in the village, on the edge of the well.

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