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Unsure how to drain and refill Brake Fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator? We have you covered.

Car Mechanic Simulator Brake Fluid

In Car Mechanic Simulator, you play the role of a car mechanic running a vehicle restoration business. Your main goal is to buy junk cars, restore them to their former glory by amassing necessary parts, and flip them for profit. Rinse and repeat.

Aside from repairing your vehicles, you can also take customer jobs to get valuable resources such as Cash, XP, and Cases. The jobs can range from something complicated, such as overhauling a complete engine, but others can be fairly simple, such as replacing Brake Fluid.

This quick guide will show you how to drain and refill the Brake Fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator.

How do you put brake fluid in Car Mechanic Simulator?

Brake Fluid jobs are fairly common when taking customer jobs in Car Mechanic Simulator. When you are asked to replace a customer’s car’s brake fluid, you need to drain and then refill the car’s brake fluid servo.

Knowing how to remove and put brake fluid in a car in Car Mechanic Simulator is crucial, as this is one of the few jobs that can get you money when you run out of money in-game.

Before you can refill a customer’s car’s brake fluid, you must first drain the brake servo of the old fluid. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the vehicle’s hood.
Open the car's hood to access the brake fluid reservoir.

2. Access the engine bay and locate the Brake Booster. Left-click on this part to focus on it.

3. Right-click on the Brake Booster and locate the Additional Tools option.

Right-click on the car's brake servo then choose Additional Tools to drain the brake fluid.

3. Use the Drain Tool, then click and hold the left mouse button to drain the fluid from the reservoir.

After you drain the Brake Servo of the old brake fluid, you can refill the reservoir with new brake fluid.

  1. Access the engine bay again and left-click on the Brake Booster to focus on the part.

2. While focusing on the Brake Servo, left-click and hold on to the yellow cap to remove it.

3. You can add the new brake fluid by left-clicking and holding the left mouse button. Make sure you fill the reservoir to the brim.

Left-click and hold to fill the car with new brake fluid.


Brake Fluid jobs are fairly straightforward in Car Mechanic Simulator. Once you’ve done the job, you should have no problems doing the same job on subsequent jobs that call for a Brake Fluid replacement. Just make sure you click on the Brake Servo cap and not the reservoir when refilling the car with brake fluid.

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