Car Mechanic Simulator: How To Add Oil


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Adding oil is one of the most common jobs in Car Mechanic Simulator.

Car Mechanic Simulator: How To Add Oil

Car Mechanic Simulator gives you a great feel of what it’s like to run a car restoration and car repair shop. You can buy junk cars and bring them back to their former glory or take customer orders and perform repair and maintenance work to get money for shop expansion or to fund your next restoration job.

Basic maintenance, such as oil changes, is common in Car Mechanic Simulator. While the process is simple, newer players with little to no experience working on cars will be left scratching their heads on their first oil change job.

This quick guide will walk you through how to add oil to Car Mechanic Simulator.

How to Add Oil in Car Mechanic Simulator

Oil changes are the most basic and requested job orders in Car Mechanic Simulator. In the game, you will encounter this simple maintenance job in many Story Orders and random customer orders.

Before you can add oil to cars, however, you will have to drain the old oil first. Here’s how to do it.

How to Drain the Old Oil

  1. Move the car onto the lift.
Move the car on the lift to drain the old oil from your car.

2. Raise the car.

Raise the car and use the Oil Drain Tool to remove the old oil.

3. Locate the Oil Drain Tool and move it to the lift.

Move the Oil Drain Tool onto the lift to remove the old oil from the car.

4. Drain the old oil from the car.

5. Place the Oil Drain Tool back in its original location.

6. Lower the car to the ground.

How to Add New Oil

1. Open the hood.

2. Focus on the engine.

3. Locate the Oil Fill Plug.

4. Select and hold the Oil Fill Plug to remove it.

5. Fill the engine with new oil.

Remove the Oil Fill Plug and add the new oil to your car.

6. Done.

Final Thoughts

You must only complete one oil change in Car Mechanic Simulator to master the job. Fortunately, the job is very simple and only requires you to drain the old oil before adding the new oil. To do that, however, you first need to move the car into your garage onto the lift, as you’ll need to use the Oil Drain Tool to remove the old oil from the car.

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