Where to Obtain Zeus’ Armor Set in God of War Ragnarok


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Learn where to obtain Zeus’ Armor Set in God of War: Ragnarok!

Where to Obtain Zeus' Armor Set in God of War Ragnarok

Though God of War may have moved over to embrace Norse mythology, the game hasn’t forgotten Kratos’ Greek roots, and several in-game items harken back to the games and characters before the reboot.

One of the most coveted armor pieces is the Zeus Armor Set, which players must collect across all the realms. The set comes in three pieces (gauntlet, war belt, and cuirass). Each piece is located in a different realm that Kratos must travel to.

The Zeus armor set can only be completed after the God of War: Ragnarok endgame. So, if players haven’t finished destroying Asgard yet, they cannot complete the set. After the endgame, though, they can very much start with New Game+ and be on the search for what some are saying is the best piece of armor for the game.

A screenshot of the armpiece belonging to the Zeus Armor Suit in God of War: Ragnarok
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Gauntlets of Zeus

Two-thirds of the set is completed by clearing the Remnants of Asgard missions on specific places on the map. Players must go to the Asgard Remnants in The Barrens in Alfheim to obtain the Gauntlets of Zeus. There, players must defeat all the enemies who will grant the Gauntlets and the first piece to the complete set.

Players will also have to complete the Secrets of the Sands favor to access the whole map of the Barrens. When Kratos players first access the location, the whole place is covered by an enormous sandstorm that’s hard to navigate. Once you complete the favor, Kratos and his partner will be free to roam looking for loot.

A screenshot of the War Belt belonging to the Zeus Armor Suit in God of War: Ragnarok
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War Belt of Zeus

After you obtain the gauntlets, you can head to the Easter Barri Woods in Vanaheim. There, you can complete the Remnants of Asgard mission. Once you defeat all enemies, the war belt should be inside the chest nearby.

Unlike the Barrens, players don’t need to complete other previous favors. Thus, they can just walk up to the location and fight off the enemies. These enemies are admittedly strict about taking out if a player isn’t significantly high on their level.

A screenshot of the Chest Piece belonging to the Zeus Armor Suit in God of War: Ragnarok
via: Astrosive/Youtube

Cuirass/Chest Piece of Zeus

Unlike the previous two items, obtaining the Cuirass of Zeus will require one to go to Muspelheim and defeat the new Valkyrie Queen, Gna. Seeing that the first game gave players such a tough time to take on all the Valkyries, they should expect the same kind of challenge with Ragnarok.

Once you beat her, though, you’ll be able to get the centerpiece of the armor set, which is the Cuirass of Zeus.

Armor Perks/Cons

Completing the set gives the players Divine Edge, which significantly boosts Melee and Runic damage; however, the damage boost comes with a price in that Kratos will also receive increased damage.

To be precise, both the gauntlets and the war belt provide increased 20% Runic and Melee damage, but they also increase the damage received by Kratos by 40% each. The cuirass adds 40% of Runic and Melee damage but increases the damage on Kratos by a whopping 100%.

Combining all of those stats will give Kratos the ability to deal an increased 100% damage, but in exchange, Kratos will also receive 180% damage.

A screenshot of the Gauntlets screen in God of War: Ragnarok
via: Astrosive/Youtube

“Let Me Solo Him”

For all the other players’ touting of the armor as one of the best in the game, it certainly does feel like a double-edged sword since it makes Kratos that much more susceptible to damage, but on the other hand, he’s going to be able to deal a lot more punishment.

As far as gaming culture goes, adding damage is always optimal, but it shouldn’t matter how much damage Kratos could receive since a real pro would be able to dodge anything. That’s why the most skilled Dark Souls players consider it a flex when they have built with absolutely no armor.

As a compromise, some suggest a mixed build with the Zeus armor set, like keeping the gauntlets and war belts but ditching the cuirass. It’s just enough to have Kratos deal much damage without him taking too much back.

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