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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in the olden times in the Pokemon world when it was rare to find harmony between people and Pokemon. Set in the land of the Hisui region, modern-day Sinnoh, you will join the Galaxy Expedition Team (Galaxy Team for short) as a member of the Survey Corps stationed in Jubilife Village. You will be tasked to meet every Hisui Region Pokemon species to complete the region’s first-ever Pokédex.

How to Catch a Kleavor in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The game has certain Pokemon that the player cannot catch in the wild. The player can only obtain these Pokemon through evolution. One of these Pokemon is Kleavor. In this guide, you will learn how to catch a Kleavor!

Scyther to Kleavor

Kleavor is a new Bug, and Rock Type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It is one of Scyther’s final evolutions, with the other being Scizor. Kleavor has arms that look like axes that are very strong that they can deal damage to even the bulkiest opponents.

As mentioned above, unfortunately, the player cannot find Kleavor in the wild, and the player can only catch it through evolution. To evolve Kleavor from Scyther, the player must use a Black Augurite on Scyther. To do that, the player must first know where to find a Scyther.

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Scyther can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands (east and north of Grandtree Arena in the southeast of the map) and in the Coronet Highlands (southwest of the Primeval Grotto near the top of the falls). Scyther can be found in these locations at all times of the day and in every weather condition.

If you plan on distracting it with food before catching it, it is worth mentioning that Scyther’s preferred foods are Springy Mushrooms, Dazzling Honey, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans.

Suppose you plan on battling Scyther first before catching it. In that case, it is worth noting that Scyther is a Bug and Flying-type Pokemon which means it has a weakness to Electric-type, Fire-type, Flying type, Ice type, and especially Rock-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Bug type and especially Fighting type and Grass-type moves (not very effective), and immunity to Ground-type actions (no effect).

Now that the player has caught a Scyther, all that is needed to evolve a Scyther to a Kleavor is a Black Augurite.

Black Augurite can be dug up from treasure buried on the ground by riding the rideable Ursaluna. However, the locations where Ursaluna can dig up Black Augurite are random. 

Also, the player can obtain Black Augurite after catching or defeating a certain Pokemon, specifically Graveler.

Additionally, the player can purchase a Black Augurite for 8,000 Pokemon Dollars from Ginter at the Gingko Guild Shop between the Galaxy Hall and the player’s headquarters. However, Ginter will call it a Jet-Black Rock. Unfortunately, the items the Gingko Guild Merchants sell are not the same so purchasable items may vary. To change the items that Ginter is selling, the player must first catch 20 Pokemon.

Other than that, the player may find some Black Augurites on the ground inside of Space-Time Distortions, so check out the items inside them.

Out of all the methods of acquiring Black Augurite, the more dependable method of obtaining Black Augurite is by catching or defeating a Graveler.

Graveler can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands (in the Oreburrow Tunnel, around Sandgem Flats, and Ramanas Island), the Crimson Mirelands (in Bolderoll Slope, Diamond Heath, Gapejaw Bog, Scarlet Bog, Sludge Mound, Ursa’s Ring, Holm of Trials, and around Lake Valor), in the Cobalt Coastlands (in Firespit Island, Hideaway Bay, Spring Path, Windbreak Stand), in the Coronet Highlands (in Celestica Ruins, Clamberclaw Cliffs, Bolderoll Ravine, Sacred Plaza, Heavenward Lookout, Celestica Trail, Fabled Spring, Stonetooth Rows, and Sacred Plaza), and the Alabaster Icelands (near Snowpoint Temple). Graveler can be found in these locations at all times of the day and in every weather condition.

If you plan to distract it with food before catching it, it is worth noting that Graveler’s preferred foods are Crunchy Salts.

Suppose you plan to battle it first before catching them. In that case, it is worth mentioning that Graveler is a Rock and Ground-type Pokemon, which means that it has a weakness to Fighting-type, Ground-type, Ice-type, Steel-type, and especially, Grass-type and Water-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Fire-type, Flying-type, Normal-type, Rock-type, and especially Poison-type moves (not very effective), and immunity to Electric-type actions (no effect).

Finally, Kleavor!

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After catching a Scyther and obtaining a Black Augurite, the player can now evolve Scyther into a Kleavor!

To do that, this is what the player must do:

  1. Put the player’s Scyther in the Player’s party by talking to the Galaxy Member near the tent on any of the Base Camps and selecting “I want to see my Pokemon” on the prompt or heading to the Pastures in the eastern part of Jubilife Village.
  2. Then, ensure that the Black Augurite is in the player’s Satchel. If not, the player can access the Item Storage in any of the Base Camps or the Item Storage near the Front Gate in the northeastern part of Jubilife City and move the Black Augurite to the player’s Satchel.
  3. Next, return to the game and press the up directional button to open the player’s Satchel.
  4. Select the Black Augurite, select “Use” on the prompt, then select Scyther from the player’s party to use Black Augurite on Scyther.
  5. Confirm on the prompt to evolve Scyther then; just like that, Scyther will evolve into Kleavor!

Now that the player has a Kleavor, the player can try to use Kleavor to complete other requests, missions, or Arceus’ task for the player, to catch ’em all!

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