How to Change Server Regions in Overwatch 2


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The original Overwatch is responsible for the boom of hero shooters, so you can expect a game like Overwatch 2 to have many players moving around and matching together.

How to Change Server Regions in Overwatch 2

Depending on location, players are put together in specific servers and queued up for the same matches. While this generally works well, some players would like to jump across servers and play in that pool of players.

Luckily for the Overwatch 2 community, Blizzard has allowed them to jump servers. It’s made pretty easy, thanks to

Why Would You Change Overwatch 2 Server Regions?

There are several reasons why a player might want to switch servers. The most common problem is queue times. When servers are full, players usually find it hard to get put in matches. This is especially true when they’re signed up for a specific role.

The queue times could run long (like hours) if too many people are lined up to do one thing. Thus, jumping servers to a less populated one could mean more matches to fit in. However, you could be sacrificing low latency and experience lag.

Alternatively, some players want to jump into a more populated server if the one they’re on is empty. Servers are normally pretty full throughout most times of the day. However, some nocturnal players want to play on a server where more people are online when they’re awake.

If anything, it helps to be flexible. The game also rewards players who queue up for All Roles. That means they can be put into more matches than people who only want to play Damage.

How to Change Overwatch 2 Server Regions

Changing servers for Overwatch 2 is fairly easy, thanks to the app. Before you start the game, click on the globe icon above the ‘Play’ button.

A screenshot of the Blizzard Screen
via: YourSixGaming/Youtube

This will open up a selection of regions, and you can pick between the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

A screenshot of the Blizzard Screen
via: YourSixGaming/Youtube

The Europe server caters to countries in the European Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and Africa; the Asian server caters to countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Macau; the Americas server deals with North America; South America, and Latin America, but it also takes in players from New Zealand and Australia.

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Players in English-speaking countries are also put in the Americas server occasionally (like the Philippines), and players can likely communicate with each other more easily if they speak the same language.

Sorry Console Players

While the option to change servers is made possible for PC players, that same option isn’t given to console players, who must stick with the region their location is assigned. Even if this is the case, some fans think that the developers could eventually add a patch that could make console players change servers (since that option is available for other games), but nothing has been changed.

It is advised that you can use a VPN client to access specific console servers, but in-game, there isn’t anything built to allow players to jump servers.

Generally, things are more flexible when it comes to PC players. While the console players are put into their specific console servers, teaming up with a friend on PC via can allow for some crossplay. Then again, console gamers are at a specific disadvantage when it comes to going up against PC players because they are hugely considered to have better controls with a mouse and keyboard, but that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying the game—as long as you’re not playing Competitive.

A gameplay still from Overwatch 2

Crossing Over

In general, it’s best to keep to a server where everyone speaks the same language, but if your server is empty or overcrowded, no one will fault you for trying to jump ship. Ensure you’re ready to take on players with non-English usernames because those guys are good.

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