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Link must finish Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to obtain Lights of Blessing. Link can exchange some of these Lights of Blessing to get more heart containers or stamina vessels to boost his vitality. The Teniten Shrine, also known as “Combat Training: Throwing,” is one of several Shrines distributed around Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom: Teniten Shrine Guide

Link must follow a few combat instructions that involve the throwing mechanic to overcome this Shrine. In doing so, Link can reach the altar at the Shrine’s final point. This Shrine is straightforward to overcome. In this guide, we will discuss everything Link needs to do to complete the Teniten Shrine, find the treasure chest within, and claim the Light of Blessing!


Link can run into the Teniten Shrine in the southwest of Whistling Hill. This area is east of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower or west of Riverside Stable. If you want to be more precise, Link can discover the Teniten Shrine at these coordinates: –0073, -1115, 0021. The Teniten Shrine is one of ten Shrines that Link may discover in the vicinity revealed on the map after activating the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

Combat Training: Throwing

Link must defeat a Construct inside the Teniten Shrine by using specific moves. The Teniten Shrine, as the name implies, serves as a training ground for moves that utilize the throwing mechanic. While defeating enemies in the game, Link can use the moves taught in the Shrine.

Teniten Shrine Guide

Link must achieve the following to finish the Teniten Shrine and obtain a Light of Blessing:

  1. Head down the stairs, and Link will be in a large, open room. A large platform is in the middle of the room with a Construct on top. The player will find the Shrine’s altar just ahead, with the doorway to it closed. The path back up the stairs will close, and the Construct on top of the platform will wake up and activate. 
  2. Link will then hear a voice telling him to throw weapons at the enemy to damage it. Moves that the voice did not instruct will not affect the Construct. Go near the wall on the southwest corner to find a few Rusty Halberds. Link can use these weapons to throw at the Construct.
  3. Next, avoid the arrows shot by the Construct. Hold the right directional button and use the right stick to select a weapon to throw at the enemy. Get fairly close to the platform with the Construct and hold the R button to ready throwing the weapon. Aim on the Construct, then, once ready, let go of the R button to throw the weapon at the Construct.
  4. After that, Link will hear the voice and tell him to do the same but watch for the Construct’s movements. The Construct will then move side to side on top of the platform. Hold the right directional button and use the right stick to select a weapon to throw at the enemy.
  5. Approach either the left or right side of the platform and wait for the Construct to be there. While doing that, dodge the arrows shot by the Construct. Then, hold the R button to start aiming the weapon. Aim on the Construct, and once good to go, let go of the R button to throw the weapon.
  6. Then, the Construct is now defeated. The voice will tell Link that he has now proven his mastery of the technique. So, the path back and to continue will open. Proceed through the newly-opened doorway, and Link will find a treasure chest before the altar. Open the chest to obtain a Zonaite Spear.
  7. Finally, approach the altar and press the A button to interact with the glowing symbol. Link will then receive a Light of Blessing!

As previously stated, the Teniten Shrine, labeled “Combat Training: Throwing,” is one of the ten Shrines found in the area of the map revealed by the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower.

The other nine Shrines in the vicinity are the Kamizun Shrine, entitled “Proving Grounds;” the Kyokugon Shrine, known as “Alignment of Circles;” the Riogok Shrine, known as “Force Transfer;” the Sonapan Shrine, known as “Missing Pathways;” the Tajikats Shrine, known as “Building With Logs;” the Mayachin Shrine, known as “A Fixed Device;” the Tsutsu-um Shrine, known as “The Stakes Guide You;” the Tadarok Shrine, known as “Fire and Water;” and the Usazum Shrine, known as “Rauru’s Blessing.”

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