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The world of GTA online can be a treacherous place. It doesn’t take long for a random player to kill you and curb your progress. To exact your revenge, you may want to track down the killer and assassinate them.

How to Check Who Killed You in GTA Online

To help you do so, we’ll tell you how to see who killed you in GTA Online. With this guide, you’ll be able to find the location of the murderer, enabling you to hunt them down and dole out some vengeance.

How to Check Who Killed You in GTA Online?

If a random person kills you in GTA 5 Online, here’s what you need to do to find them easily:

  1. Press the “Up” arrow on your keyboard to bring out your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to the Contacts list.
  3. Scroll down to the assassin’s username and highlight it.

Your map will now show the location of the killer with a blinking white dot. If the mini-map is too small to show their location, open the full map, and you should still see the killer as a blinking white dot.

If you go to their location and kill them, you may start a mini rivalry. Eventually, the two of you may spend numerous hours killing each other instead of doing missions or jobs. So, think carefully before going out of your way to exact some revenge.

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How to Avoid Being Killed in GTA Online?

Tracking down and killing your killer may be time-consuming. So, sometimes you may want to avoid the hassle by preventing them from killing you instead. We’ve prepared a few tips that can increase your chances of survival.

Pay Attention to the Mini-Map

Knowing where your potential enemies are is a great way to prevent unpleasant surprises. Use your mini-map whenever possible to get insight into other players’ locations. If the mini-map can’t reveal them, use the normal map to keep them from catching you off-guard.

Go to a Different Lobby

Swallowing your pride is often a lot easier than wasting your time trying to assassinate your killers. Rage quitting may be frowned upon, but what’s the point of getting massacred constantly by other players?

This especially holds if you’re a victim of a modder. Unless you’re well-versed in modding, too, you don’t stand much of a chance. GTA Online modders don’t always receive a ban, and Rockstar sometimes doesn’t even review their activity. To spare yourself a lot of frustration, switch to another lobby.

Enter a Solo Lobby

If you can’t stop dying even after changing a few lobbies, a solo lobby might be your best option. It doesn’t even have to be private; solo public sessions should also do the trick. They enable you to practice your survival and shooting skills until you’re good enough to take on lobbies with more people. Plus, even if another player joins your session, you can easily set up another one if dealing with them is too challenging.

Activate Passive Mode

After dying a few times in GTA Online and failing to get your revenge, you can activate Passive Mode. It renders your character immune to firearms in combat and forbids you from shooting at other users. If you enter a car, you’ll also become impervious to damage and appear to other players as a transparent character.

If you’re playing GTA Online on PC, take these steps to start Passive Mode:

1. Press “M” to launch the Interaction Menu.

2. Keep scrolling until you find the “Enable Passive Mode” button.

3. Press “Enter,” and you’re good to go.

PS4 users can launch Passive Mode as follows:

1. Hold down the left side of your Dualshock 4 touchpad to access the Interaction Menu.

2. Scroll down until you find the “Enable Passive Mode” button.

3. Hit the “X” button.

Finally, if you’re an Xbox One player, here’s what you need to do to initiate Passive Mode:

1. Start the Interaction menu by pressing your View button.

2. Find the “Enable Passive Mode” option.

3. Press the “A” button.

Hone Your Killing Skills

Naturally, high-skill GTA Online players die less frequently than beginners. They may get struck down once or twice, but if they’re a better player overall, they’ll be able to retaliate without a hitch.

Sometimes, your potential killer may get triggered briefly in GTA Online. If you know how to aim with your rifles and have the appropriate weapons to fight back, take your shot before your enemy. The chances are the player will be too triggered to assassinate you, enabling you to take them down and carry on with your game. After a large number of these encounters, your shooting skills will improve, and you’ll die less often.

Equip Better Weapons

In some cases, you can avoid dying even if your skill set isn’t admirable. To do so, you’ll need powerful weapons. Here are some of your best options:

· Railgun – Although it has a low fire rate, the Railgun inflicts massive damage. It’s also a single-shot weapon, making it highly effective against vehicles.

· Up-n-Atomizer – This gun was added during the Arena War update. Upon impact, it sends your victim flying into the air and kills them if it’s a headshot.

· Assault Shotgun – The Assault Shotgun is a powerful close-combat weapon that can help you rip through your enemies even if they’re armored.

Don’t Be a Sitting Duck

While finding your killer and retaliating against them can be fun, it can also be too time-consuming. You’re much better off avoiding death by paying attention to the map, buying better weapons, and improving your skills. If neither method works, try playing in a different lobby.

How often do you get killed in GTA Online? Do you choose to chase the killer or leave them alone? Tell us in the comments section below.

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