Check Out Daisy and Shy Guy in Free Update for Mario Strikers: Battle League



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More than a month after the release of Mario Strikers: Battle League, Nintendo is set to launch their first free update for the game.

Check Out Daisy and Shy Guy in Free Update for Mario Strikers: Battle League

Check out incoming characters Daisy and Shy Guy—plus some other new gear and cosmetics coming to the game:

Like with every other player in the game, Daisy and Shy Guy both come with their own special abilities. Daisy has a special ability in that she can’t be knocked down on the field, and Shy Guy—like Mario—is an all-rounder whose skills change depending on what kind of gear he’s equipped with.

Speaking of gear, the update also comes with new Knight armor that should up the stats of some weaker players in the battlefield—specifically strength and shooting. Besides that, players can also revel in a new Desert Ruin venue that comes with three available arenas (plus one extra mystery one).  

With the Mario games being notorious for their incredibly colourful character rosters, Daisy and Shy Guy only mark the beginning of the upcoming expansions. Who knows, maybe this game can pull a Smash Bros and include some non-Super Mario characters into the fray. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who else Nintendo plans to bring into the game.

You’re gonna get hit with the unexpected in Mario Strikers: Battle League! Tackle, pass, and score your way to victory in this chaotic soccer-ish sport. It’ll be so much fun, it hurts!

The latest update arrives on July 21. Mario Strikers: Battle League is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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