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Cold War just got a new update, and in it, there was the addition of a new map as well, called the Mauer Der Toten. On this map, there is an NPC which you can use as an additional teammate. Now, it’s not like this NPC- Klaus, will kill every zombie coming its way, but still, a good thing to have if you’re going for some record breaking runs. We’ll talk about how to upgrade Klaus very fast below!

Cold War Zombies: How To Upgrade Klaus Fast | Mauer Der Toten

How To Upgrade Klaus Fast | Mauer Der Toten – CWZ

Now, of course, before you do this, you do actually have to own Klaus. He’s relatively easy to get with the antenna, which I’m sure you have already completed by now.

Anyways, there are a few levels to upgrading Klaus. As you go through the levels, the objectives become more and more difficult, but all in all, you should have him upgraded pretty easily.

The first thing you need to do to upgrade Klaus is to let him finish off a number of zombies. The exact number isn’t yet known, but Klaus has to take down quite a few. To do this, let Klaus kill zombies, while you run in circles.

Then, on the upgrade machine he will take 1 minute to upgrade, so you will need to defend the are meanwhile.

The second step is to acquire the black light. Basically, it’s that ultra-violet light which can be used to spot invisible drawings on walls. With it, you will need to search for a Klaus face next to fuse boxes around the map.

There should be two fuse boxes which will have the Klaus face next to them. It happens randomly.

After you find those, you will need to take Klaus to both fuse box locations, punch them, and get the floppy disk from them. After that, simply go back to the Klaus upgrade room and upgrade him.

When the upgrade finishes, he’s not yet in his final form, and you still have one unused floppy disk. Well, send him back to the machine, and insert the next floppy disk. After a short while, Klaus will be upgraded to his final form and have all of the special abilities that all upgrades offer.

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