How to Complete the “Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam” Request (Request 63) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus



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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in olden times in the Pokemon world when it was rare to find harmony between people and Pokemon. Set in the Hisui region, modern-day Sinnoh, you will join the Galaxy Expedition Team (Galaxy Team for short) as a member of the Survey Corps stationed in Jubilife Village. You will be tasked to meet every Hisui Pokemon species to complete the region’s first-ever Pokédex.

How to Complete the “Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam” Request (Request 63) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Galaxy Team will task the player to do missions in the game. Additionally, various people will also ask for help from the player requests. One of these requests is Request 63, titled ‘Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam.’ This guide will teach you how to complete the ‘Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam’ request.

Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam

To unlock this request, the player must first accept the “Scaling Perilous Heights” mission, the eleventh mission in the game where the player must quell a frenzied Noble Hisuian Electrode. Additionally, the player must also complete the “Shellos of the East and West” request (Request 45) from Anthe at the Clothier in Jubilife Village.

After doing the requirements mentioned above, you can now start this request! Go to the Clothier just across the player’s assigned quarters and talk to the merchant in the purple kimono named Anthe. Talk to her, and she will ask the player if it would please you if she expanded the variety of clothes she carries. After the player confirms, she would say that to do that, she needs the inspiration to come up with new designs, and she will say she wants to see the Pokemon Wormadam. Then, just like that, the ‘Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam’ request has started!

To complete this request, all the player has to do is catch a Wormadam and show it to Anthe. Now it is time to find a Wormadam!

Wormadam can be found by striking shaking trees by throwing one of your Pokemon at it in the Obsidian Fieldlands (Plant Cloak form), the Cobalt Coastlands (Trash Cloak form), and the Coronet Highlands (Sandy Cloak form). Even though it is not guaranteed that a Wormadam will drop down from the tree, it is recommended to check the trees in Deertrack Path, Deertrack Heights, and Nature’s Pantry near the Heights Camp in the Obsidian Fieldlands, in Crossing Slope, Ginkgo Landing near the Beachside Camp, and Veilstone Cape in the Cobalt Coastlands, and Celestica Ruins, Celestica Trail, and Fabled Spring in the Coronet Highlands. All the forms of Wormadam can be found in these locations at all times of day and in every weather condition.

After the Wormadam drops from the shaking tree, the player would have no choice but to battle the Wormadam before catching it, which means the following is important to note:

Wormadam’s Plant Cloak form is a Bug and Grass-type Pokemon with a weakness to Bug-type, Ice-type, Poison-type, Rock-type, and especially Fire-type and Flying-type moves (super effective) and resistance to Electric-type, Fighting-type, Water-type, and especially Grass-type and Ground-type moves (not very effective).

Wormadam’s Sandy Cloak form is a Bug and Ground-type Pokemon with a weakness to Fire-type, Flying-type, Ice-type, and Water-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Ground-type, Fighting-type, and Poison-type moves (not very effective), and immunity to Electric-type moves (no effect).

Wormadam’s Trash Cloak form is a Bug and Steel-type Pokemon with a weakness to Fire-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Bug-type, Dragon-type, Fairy-type, Ice-type, Normal-type, Psychic-type, Steel-type, and especially Grass-type moves (not very effective), and immunity to Poison-type moves (no effect).

After catching whichever form of Wormadam, go back to Anthe, still in the Clothier just across the player’s assigned quarters, talk to her, on the prompt select ‘About your request…’, on the next prompt, select the Wormadam, you want to show Anthe.

Then, suddenly, she will get inspired. The screen will fade to black for a short while. Then, once it fades back, she will tell the player that ​​she has added new items in her lineup, which the player can check out after talking to her! After that, Anthe will marvel at the Wormadam the player just showed her.

Now that you have completed the ‘Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam’ Request, you can now try to complete other requests, complete missions, or complete Arceus’ task for you, which is to catch ’em all!

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