Complete Guide to Diablo IV Zones


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Here are all the Zones in Diablo IV.

Complete Guide to Diablo IV Zones

Diablo IV is the biggest Diablo game yet, and we’re not even talking about the game’s 80GB+ download size; we’re referring to the massive zones, cities, and open areas found within the game.

If you were fortunate enough to play the Open Beta, you should already have a good taste of what it’s like running around Kyovashad. However, that city is part of one zone and is just one of many cities found in Diablo IV. You will find at least four more zones and six other cities as you play through the game.

Here are all the Zones and Cities you can expect to see in Diablo IV.

How many zones are in Diablo IV?

You will find five zones in Diablo IV, each drastically larger than any zone previously seen in other Diablo titles. Back in the Open Beta, Diablo IV only featured 1 of 5 zones in the game in Fractured Peaks.

Fractured Peaks is, by itself, already a massive zone that is said to be at least ten times larger than zones previously featured in Diablo III. Considering that Fractured Peaks is only 1 of 5 Zones in the game should give you a good idea of just how large the World Map is in Diablo IV.

What are the 5 zones in Diablo IV?

The five zones found in Diablo IV are the following:

  • Fractured Peaks
  • Dry Steppes
  • Hawezar
  • Kehjistan
  • Scosglen

Fractured Peaks

Fractured Peaks is where every Diablo IV player will start their journey. It is one of the main hubs in the game and is typically where other players gather and team up.

The zone is a rocky mountain region covered mostly in snow sandwiched between Scosglen and Hawezar. You won’t find too many monsters in the area as the zone is mostly populated by wildlife such as wolves and bears.

Kyovashad is the main hub in Fractured Peaks, and it is here where you’ll spend most of the early game in Diablo IV.

Fractured Peak Diablo IV Zone

Dry Steppes

A complete contrast to Fractured Peaks, Dry Steppes is a desert region surrounded by canyons just Southwest of Scosglen, West of Fractured Peaks, and North of Kehjistan. Dry Steppes is currently a war-torn zone where various factions battle to gain control over the region.

Ked Bardu is the main hub of the Dryy Steppes region in Diablo IV, and you can find the zone’s World Boss in the Saraan Caldera area.

Dry Steppes Diablo IV Zone


Just South of Fractured Peaks and East of Kehjistan is the Hawezar region. Hawezar is a disease-infested swampland home to criminals and a cult of dark witches who worship a snake god. Hawezar’s main hub is Zarbinzet, and you will find the zone’s World Boss in the Fields of Desecration.

Hawezar Diablo IV Zone


Kehjistan is a two-faced zone, featuring a desert region like Dry Steppes in the north and a dense rainforest similar to Scosglen in the south. It is home to cultists seeking to bring the Prime Evils back into the fold.

Kehjistan’s main hub is Gea Kul, and you can find its World Boss in the Seared Basin area.

Kehjistan Diablo IV Zone


Scosglen is a foggy forest area located Northeast of Sanctuary. It is home to the Druids and the oak tree Glor-an-Fhaidha. Its main hub is Cerrigar, and the zone’s World Boss is in the Caen Adar area.

Scosglen Diablo IV Zone

What cities are in Diablo IV?

You will find seven major cities split between Diablo IV’s 5 zones; these are:

  • Kyovashad, Fractured Peaks
  • Cerrigar, Scosglen
  • Ked Bardu, Dry Steppes
  • Jarandai, Dry Steppes
  • Gael Kul, Kehjistan
  • Zarbinzet, Hawezar
  • Backwater, Hawezar

Below are all the cities and towns found in each zone in Diablo IV:

Fractured Peaks

  • Kyovashad
  • Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Margrave
  • Menestad
  • Nevesk
  • Nostrava
  • Yelesna


  • Cerrigar
  • Braestaig
  • Corbach
  • Firebreak Manor
  • Marowen
  • Tirmair
  • Túr Dúlra

Dry Steppes

  • Ed Bardu
  • Alzuuda
  • Farobru
  • Jirandai
  • The Onyx Watchtower


  • Zabinzet
  • Backwater
  • Tree of Whispers
  • Vyesresz
  • Wejinhani


  • Gea Kul
  • Denshar Iron Wolves Encampment
  • Tarsarak

It is worth noting that cities and towns will not feature the same set of NPCs, and you will only find NPCs that offer services such as the Alchemist or gem-cutting in specific cities. Nevertheless, most cities should have all the usual Vendors, such as Blacksmiths, to repair your damaged items.

What is the main city in Diablo IV?

The main city in Diablo 4 is Kyovashad – the capital city of Fractured Peaks and home to the Cathedral of Light. It is here where you’ll spend most of your time in the early game and where you’ll complete most of the quests in Acts 1 -3.

A screenshot of Kyovashad in Diablo IV

As one of the largest cities in the game, Kyovashad features one of the most complete NPC services of any city in the game.

  • Anniva (Blacksmith)
  • Demyan (Occultist)
  • Lidka (Healer)
  • Lizveth (Purveyor of Curiosities)
  • Oskar (Stable Master)
  • Veroka (Alchemist)
  • Zivek (Blacksmith)

Final Thoughts

Diablo IV features the largest zones of any Diablo game to date. While there are only five zones in the game, each one is said to be around ten times larger than those found in previous games, giving you a ton of area to explore in the game. You won’t have to wait long to explore all the zones or cities in Diablo. As you complete the Prologue, you can explore one zone to the next to your heart’s content.

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