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Learn how to make money in Tears of the Kingdom!

How To Make Money in Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a new chapter in the franchise that takes players on an epic adventure over Hyrule’s wide land, skies, and depths. As Link travels through the vast wilderness and faces several challenges, getting money becomes increasingly important.

Link will need money to buy different items and improve his equipment. Through that, Link will be able to progress in the game. This guide will examine many ways and tricks to make money in Tears of the Kingdom.

This will guarantee that the player has the resources they need to overcome the challenges waiting beyond. This guide will help the player gain wealth and thrive in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

Money = Rupees

In The Legend of Zelda, the people’s money is in the form of Rupees. Rupees are the basic form of currency in the kingdom of Hyrule. Link can spend Rupees on necessities, improve equipment, and unlock different services and features.

Rupees have been a part of The Legend of Zelda series from the beginning. They also play a crucial role in the most recent entry, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

Rupees maintain their classic appearance in Tears of the Kingdom. They take the shape of gleaming, multicolored gemstones. These gemstones are available in various colors, notably green, blue, red, purple, silver, and gold. In many Zelda games, each hue signifies a particular value. Their precise values are as follows for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:


How to Make Money in Tears of the Kingdom

Link can earn money in a multitude of ways throughout his adventure in Tears of the Kingdom, but some of the most popular are:

1. Selling

A screenshot showing a shop inventory in Tears of the Kingdom

Selling items is the most common way to make money in Tears of the Kingdom. Link can sell the items in his inventory except for Bows, Shields, Weapons, Zonai Devices, and Key Items. The money Link gets for selling stuff varies depending on the item. The more common the item, the less it sells for. The more uncommon the item, the more money it yields.

Link can head to any merchants in the game to sell items and ask them to look at what items Link has. Link can head to villages and settlements, like the Kakariko Village and Lookout Landing, to find merchants. Also, Link can sell items to Beedle in any of the Stables. Alternatively, Link can also find traveling merchants roaming the roads of Hyrule.

The following are the items recommended for sale:

Elixirs & Meals

Cooked meals are the products that will earn Link the most money. With that, Link may cook various things, particularly different meats, and sell them for a large sum. The higher the quality of the cooked meals and the rarer the ingredients utilized, the more money it yields. 

Link, like cooked meals, can sell Elixirs for some money. Link may cook monster parts and critters, like butterflies and lizards, to make Elixirs. Similarly to cooked meals, the better the quality and rarity of the ingredients used, the more money they yield.


Gemstones are another type of item that Link can sell for a large sum of money in Tears of the Kingdom. Link obtains gemstones primarily via shattering ore deposits. There are a lot of these in caves and the Depths. Another way to get gems is to defeat Stone Taluses. When defeated, these Stone Taluses drop Rupees in addition to gems.

These are the gems that Link will find around Hyrule, along with their selling prices:

GemstoneSelling Price
Amber10 Rupees
Luminous Stone20 Rupees
Opal30 Rupees
Topaz80 Rupees
Ruby110 Rupees
Sapphire150 Rupees
Diamond500 Rupees

It is also worth noting that a merchant will purchase gems from Link at a higher price. Ramella is the name of this merchant, and Link could find her in Goron City. Link, however, can only sell gems to Ramella in large quantities. This implies Link must have a large number of specific gems to offer them to her. Link must finish the Eldin region’s main quests before selling to Ramella.

Furthermore, gemstones can be utilized as fuse materials for weapons and shields. Some gemstones provide elemental effects, whereas others increase weapon durability. Because of their value, diamonds are worth more than just fusing into weaponry. But, if the player still wants to, the option remains. 


Armor is another category of items that Link can sell. The money they sell for is also determined by the rarity of the armor and its upgrades. However, because armor and clothing are quite useful, notably at the beginning of the game, it is advised only to sell armor that the player is not interested in or if the player has spare pieces.

2. Complete Side Adventures and Side Quests

A screenshot showing the Supply-Eyeing Fliers complete screen in Tears of the Kingdom

Link will be rewarded with money for completing some specific Side Quests and Side Adventures, like the Potential Princess Sightings.  An example that gives Link money as a reward is the one with Addison. He will come across Addison while traveling around Hyrule, trying to set up signs for President Hudson.

Link must assist Addison in erecting the sign utilizing items available in the immediate vicinity and the Ultrahand ability. After that, Addison will reward Link with several items, including some money!

3. The Overworld

A screenshot showing Rupees on the ground in Tears of the Kingdom

Aside from the ways described, Link can come upon some money around the open world of Hyrule. Here are the different ways to find money all over Hyrule:

Stones & Rocks

Link can physically uncover money by picking up rocks and stones scattered throughout the land. These stones and rocks sometimes cover Rupees, sometimes critters like Restless Crickets, and sometimes there aren’t any.


Link can sometimes find money inside treasure chests. Because of that, make a point of opening any chest that Link comes across. It is also important to note that there is also a method for tracking treasure chests. Link can do that by using Sensor+. When the Sensor+ is set to search for chests, it will react if a treasure chest is closed. The stronger the Sensor+ reaction, the nearer the Link is to a chest. 

Link must first obtain the Camera and the Autobuild ability to obtain the Sensor. After that, Link can get the Sensor from the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno Village. Follow the quests there, and Robbie will improve it to Sensor+.


While exploring Hyrule’s wide-open world’s surface, Link occasionally comes across a Blupee, a blue, glowing, rabbit-like creature. If Link finds one, he can fire arrows at it to make it drop some money. It is worth noting that Blupees are quick and will flee if they detect Link. Once spotted, the player should quickly crouch to go into stealth mode and then find a high point.

Jump off that high point and aim the bow and arrow. Doing so will slow down time and enable Link to shoot arrows to the Blupee more than once. The slow motion duration is determined by the height from which Link jumped and how much stamina Link possesses.

Aside from discovering them in the open world, Link will discover Blupees in caves after defeating Bubbulfrogs, which are bigger, blue, and glowing creatures. After doing so, the Bubbulfrog will drop a Bubbul Gem, and then a Blupee will spawn and swiftly flee. In contrast to the Blupees in the open world, Blupees in caves are more difficult to fire arrows at because they flee quickly.

How to Get Money Quickly in Tears of the Kingdom

The above methods are the most basic ways of getting money in the game. In this section, we will go through tricks for getting money quickly. There are numerous ways and tricks for that, but the following are the most recommended:

Trick 1: Meat Skewers

A screenshot showing a meat skewer in Tears of the Kingdom

Link can sell Raw Prime Meat Skewers or Raw Gourmet Meat Skewers to get much money in Tears of the Kingdom. The player can cook up a Meat Skewer using five pieces of Raw Prime Meat and sell it for 125 Rupees. Or, Link can cook five pieces of Raw Gourmet Meat to make a Meat Skewer that sells for 315 Rupees.

Link can obtain Raw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet Meat after eliminating the following animals in the game:

Red-Tusked BoarRaw Prime MeatHyrule Ridge and Akkala Highlands
Mountain BuckRaw Prime MeatMount Lanayru and Hyrule Field
Mountain DoeRaw Prime MeatMount Lanayru and Hyrule Field
Snowcoat FoxRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatHebra Mountains and Tabantha Frontier
Maraudo WolfRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatTabantha Frontier and Eldin Canyon
Wasteland CoyoteRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatGerudo Desert and Gerudo Highlands
Cold-Footed WolfRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatHebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands
Water BuffaloRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatLanayru Wetlands and Hyrule Ridge
Tabantha MooseRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatHyrule Field and Satori Mountain
Honeyvore BearRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatHyrule Ridge and West Necluda
Grizzlemaw BearRaw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet MeatHebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands

Meat Hunting

There is a way to obtain a large quantity of Raw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet Meat fast. Link must do the following to do this:

  1. Head to the Sikukuu Shrine. Link can find this Shrine in the southeast of the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower.
  2. Then, go to the right and head up the cliff. After that, go down from the Geoglyph found on the left.
  3. Here, Link will run into a red or silver Bokoblin mounted on a bear (around these coordinates: 0734, 3036, 0216). Save the game in a safe area to reload if anything goes wrong.
  4. Next, defeat the bear quickly using the Bow and Arrows.
  5. After that, run towards it as fast as possible and pick up the dropped Raw Prime Meat and Raw Gourmet Meat. This must be done fast because the Bokoblin may pick up and eat the meat.
  6. Then, save the game in a safe area and quickly reload that saved data.
  7. Then, there should be another red or silver Bokoblin mounting a bear. Link can then repeat steps 4-6 until the player is content with the quantity of meat Link has gathered.

It is advised that Link get and wear the Bokoblin Mask while doing this method. The mask will allow Link to get close to the Bokoblin and bear without them pursuing Link. After finishing “The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!” Side Adventure: Link can obtain the Bokoblin Mask from Kotlin near Pico Pond. Link will also require a lot of arrows to get rid of the bear continually.

Cook and Sell

Link may now make several Meat Skewers after acquiring a large quantity of Raw Prime Meat and Gourmet Meat. After that, Link can sell these to any merchant across Hyrule. It is advised to cook the Meat Skewers using the cooking pots in the Stables. Doing so will allow Link to quickly sell the Meat Skewers to Beedle, who is always present at Stables.

Method 2: Rare Stone Taluses

A screenshot showing a Stone Talus in Tears of the Kingdom

As stated above, Link can defeat Taluses to obtain several gemstones. One type of Talus, the Rare Stone Talus, drops more gems than others. This type of Talus holds a rare ore deposit and can drop Diamonds. As a result, this money-farming trick entails searching for Rare Stone Taluses and selling the gems they drop.

A Rare Stone Talus can be found in the locations listed below:

West of Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower-0395, 2961, 0151
Southeast of Rasiwak Shrine4685, 3022, 0001
At the bottom of the southern part of the Tanagar Canyon 
(or north of Turakawak Shrine)
-3456, 0171, -0105
Northwest of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower-2602, -1794, 0177
On top of Spectacle Rock 
(or southeast of Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower)
-2302, -2450, 0357
Near the Horse God Bridge 
(or southwest of Utsushok Shrine)
0526, -3703, 0058
North of Guchini Plain Barrows 
(or east of Utsushok Shrine)
1026, -3393, 0023
East of Lake Floria and Joju-u-u Shrine1844, -3482, 0029
Depths: near Sherfin’s Lavafalls 
(or south of the Kato Lightroot)
-4433, 3387, -0733
Depths: southwest of Sturnida Lavafalls 
(or south of the Nupisoyuat Lightroot)
-4500, 2450, -0563
Depths: northeast of the Koro-nui Lightroot-3387, 1076, -0648
Depths: north of Tikanur Lightroot-2635, 1492, -0410
Depths: northwest of the Crenel Canyon Mine 
(or southwest of Zi-ner Lightroot)
0697, 0513, -0482
Depths: northwest of the Abandoned Kakariko Mine
(or west of Arusakam Lightroot)
1483, -0975, -0598

After defeating them all, the defeated enemies will respawn after a Blood Moon appears. Once that happens, Link can simply return to the Rare Stone Taluses’ locations and defeat them again.

How to Beat a Stone Talus

Striking the Stone Talus’s body will have no effect. The Stone Talus can only be damaged through the ore deposit behind it. Shooting this ore deposit with an arrow will very temporarily stun it. Once that happens, Link can swiftly mount its back and hit the ore deposit with melee weapons. The Stone Talus will shake Link off, forcing him to repeat what he did.

As an alternative, defeating the Stone Talus will be easier through this method:

  1. Firstly, run to the space in between the Stone Talus’ legs.
  2. Next, swiftly hold the L button and select the Ascend ability with the right stick. Use the Ascend ability from under the Stone Talus to head up through its body and emerge on top. If you stay too long under the Stone Talus, it will stomp on Link.
  3. After that, they repeatedly strike the ore deposit using powerful weapons to inflict massive damage.
  4. The Stone Talus will then shake Link off, forcing Link to repeat all of the previous steps until the Stone Talus is eliminated.

Gem Selling

Link may sell gems to any merchant, similar to any other product. As previously established, Link can sell gemstones to Ramella in Goron City for higher selling prices:

GemstoneRegular Selling PriceRamella Selling Price
Topaz80 Rupees100 Rupees
Ruby110 Rupees130 Rupees
Sapphire150 Rupees170 Rupees
Diamond500 Rupees550 Rupees

It is vital to know that Link can only sell Ramella gems in groups of ten. Link must complete the main quests in the Eldin region to unlock Ramella.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom provides many options to make money and become a wealthy adventurer. The player can optimize their earnings and open the doors to wealth by combining smart decision-making, resourceful trading, and an eye for quests and treasures.

Remember to maintain a balance between amassing fortune and enjoying the richness of the game’s story. This is because the actual heart of the adventure is not only in the accumulation of Rupees but also in the different experiences made along the way.

So, take on different challenges, explore every nook and cranny, and enjoy the thrill of discovery as you start on a journey to wealth. Making money has never been easier in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

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