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Bartalli’s Adventure Log is a set of quests and achievements in Black Desert Online that you can complete for extra rewards. The rewards are family-wide and include a variety of stat upgrades such as AP increases, weight limits, HP increases, and enhancement increases. You are also rewarded with an Advice of Valks +100 upon completing all ten chapters of Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log.

<strong>How to Complete Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log in Black Desert Online</strong>


Rewards Preview

log complete reward

Completing Bartalli’s Adventure Log rewards you with a total of the following:

  • All AP +4
  • All DP +2
  • Max HP +90
  • Max Stamina +65
  • Weight Limit +28LT
  • All  Accuracy +9
  • All Evasion +8
  • Inventory Space +4
  • Advice Of Valks (100) x1
  • Book of Training – Skill (1 day) x1
  • Book of Training – Combat (1 day) x1
  • Enchanted Scroll x1

Important Notes Before Starting

BDO Bartali Log Requirements

Level 51+

Calpheon main story quest line (O key > Main tab)

[Boss] Witch of Horrors OR

[Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum – Chapter 6

Quest: BDO Traces of a Great Adventurer from Black Spirit (,)

Bartali’s Adventure Log Basics

Now you can view your unlocked chapters and begin to complete the tasks in each one. You will start with chapter 1 only and then unlock the next chapter once you have completed all of the tasks in the previous one.

img logbook

Goals requiring boss/scroll completion will be shared with party members, even if only one in the group has the scroll. Completing one book opens up the next book in the series. To view Bartali’s Adventure Log Menu: press Esc > Adventure > Adventure Log Bookshelf.

When an Adventure Log’s Goal (quest) is completed, it will receive a sparkly highlight. Click it to receive your reward. A completion stamp will cover the tip if you have already received it. Goals can be completed in any order within a Book.

Bartali’s Adventure Log Rewards

Bartali’s Adventure Log rewards passive, account-wide stat increases. These permanent buffs improve all characters in your family, even the Inventory and Weight (LT) stat increases. They are sheet stats and not hidden.

Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log Books

This Journal contains 15 books that correspond to a series of quests. Each quest rewards passive buffs for all characters on your account. Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log is part of the Adventure Log Bookshelf and is also called Bartali’s Log and Igor’s Log.

Book 1

img 1

Jan 2: +3 HP

Defeat the Cyclops in the Cyclop’s Land. You must kill 1 of the cyclops that spawn southeast of Trent.

img 2

Jan 7: +5 Stamina

Move to Igor Bartali’s hometown to catch a Grunt. Grunt fish have a chance to be caught around Velia, or you can use a fishing hotspot to catch one quicker, but this requires a boat. 

img 3
img 4

Jan 11: +3 HP

Obtain knowledge about Earth Root Nymph. Earth Root Nymphs are monsters that live in a cave south of the Crioville lake. Kill them to gain knowledge of them.

Book 2

img 5
img 6
img 7

Jan 22: +2 LT

Butcher elks that are roaming near Behr for meat. Kill elks near Behr, then use a Butcher Knife to gather their meat.

img 8
img 9

Jan 23: +3 HP

Hunt a Giant Brown Bear with a Matchlock. Use a matchlock to kill a giant brown bear. Practice Matchlock can be rented for 2 CP.  Remember that these only have 10 Durability; the closest NPC is Merio E of N Kaia Pier. Beginner 1 Matchlock can also be crafted or bought at the Marketplace. 

The closest Bears you can hunt are West of Lake Kaia, which can also be found in the mountains and South of Olvia.

img 10
img 11

Jan 26: +1 Accuracy

Hunt the Freshwater Crocodile with the Matchlock and skin it for Crocodile Meat. Use a Matchlock to kill a crocodile in Lake Kaia and gather meat using a butcher knife.

img 12

Jan 28: +1 Inventory

Give the Tanning Knife to Likke Behr. You then have to buy an Old Tanning Knife from a material vendor and give it to Likke Behr.

img 13

Feb 2: +2 LT

Use the Trent Trade item and choose to investigate. Buy the Trent Carpentry Tool from the trade manager in Trent and right-click the item in your inventory to gain knowledge of it.

img 14

Feb 8: +3 HP

Fill the Treant Forest with the sound of wood chopping, which will require you to kill 20 Treants in the Treant Forest North of Trent.

img 15
img 16

Feb 8: +5 Stamina

Learn more about the Stump Glistening in the Mystical Light in Treant Forest by Interacting with a tree stump behind the log cabin North of Trent along the river.

Book 3

img 17

Feb 20: +3 HP

Drive out the ominous birds that have settled in the Forest of Death and then kill ten crows in Hexe Sanctuary.

img 18

Feb 26: +5 Stamina

Search the building cursed by the witch and talk to the node manager at Witch’s Chapel afterward.

img 19

Feb 26: +1 DP

Use the scroll and face the witch. In this part, you need to use a Frightening Witch Summon Scroll, which can be obtained via your Black Spirit’s weekly quest.

[Special II] The Terror Revived (1/W), or you can buy the scroll with 1,000 Loyalty or complete it at a party.

img 20

Feb 28: +3 HP

The Witch’s Earring is a rare drop item from Hexe Sanctuary, but you can also buy the accessory from the market. Try putting on the earring that the witch left behind. After obtaining a Witch’s Earring, show it to Becker.

img 21

Mar 30: +2 LT

Look for the villagers who remember the incident and then kill 20 Hexe Skeletons at Hexe Sanctuary to complete this part of the quest series.

Book 4

img 22

April 5: +3 HP

Gather the first ingredient, which is Silver Azaleas. Such items can be found around Hexe Sanctuary. You need to use a hoe to gather 5 of these.

img 23

April 6: +5 Stamina

Prepare distilled Water, which is the second ingredient. You can process some by buying 5 Empty Bottles from a material vendor and filling them with water from the river. Then press “L” and select “heat” to produce Distilled Water. You can also buy Distilled Water from the Central Market.

img 24

April 9: +3 HP

Acquire a substance that has crystallized during the process of extracting the blood of an ogre. To do this, you must first kill ogres and use a Fluid Collector on them. This will give you a chance to gather Crystalized Blood. If none is collected, just repeat the steps.

img 25

April 11: +2 Evasion

Acquire the final ingredient for the elixir of love. For this part, you need to kill ogres again and use a Fluid Collector on them to gather their blood.

Book 5

img 26

April 12: +3 HP

Make a Highly Concentrated Herbal Juice that will replenish you with just a few drops. To do this, press “L” and select Simple Alchemy to make 5 Highly Concentrated Herbal juices. The recipe for this is 1 Special Herb mixed with 1 Mineral Water, or you can combine 3 Concentrated Herbal Juices.

You can also buy a few Highly Concentrated Herbal juices in the Central Market.

img 27
img 28

April 15: +3 LT

The next step is to pull out the fangs of Rhutum Fighters by killing 30 Rhutum Fighters.

img 29

April 19: +5 Stamina

Acquire cabbage to be used in the recipe. Use a hoe to gather 10 Cabbages from the Cabbage field NE of Gabino Farm, next to NPC Tarte.

img 30

April 21: +2 Accuracy

Try eating some of the combat rations of the knights. This part requires you to eat a Knight Combat Ration, which you can buy from the Central Market.

Book 6

April 25: +1 Inventory

Join or create a guild.

img 31

May 5: +1 AP

Defeat Quint, the troll boss, and obtain loot. Quint spawn time depends on your Region, so check your specific region to know the boss enemy’s respawn time.

img 32

May 10: +5 Stamina

Obtain all Knowledge in the Calpheon City Merchants category. You can check this by going to Character > People of Calpheon > Calpheon City Merchant. Press H in the game to know more.

img 33

May 12: +5 HP

Find out and type in the correct answer. Press enter and type “12” into General Chat.

img 34

August 22: +1 Accuracy

Obtain a PRI: Kalis Necklace and hand it to Valks. You can obtain a PRI Kalis Necklace by enhancing or buying one from the marketplace. After obtaining one, give the necklace to Valks in Calpheon.

img 35

September 13: +3 HP

Breed a horse.

Book 7

img 36
img 37

September 22: +3 HP

Use the Herb Brewer in the Village of Herbs by interacting with one of the Medicinal Herb Brewers in Florin.

img 38

September 23: +10 Stamina

Gather Everlasting Herb: use a hoe to gather Everlasting Herb.

img 39

September 25: +3 HP

Carry the Lost Lamb to Islin Bartali: obtain 10 Amity with Murana Lynch and complete the quest Lost Lamb.

img 40

October 4: +5 LT

Gift Islin Bartali a PRI Serap’s Necklace: Purchase or craft a PRI Serap’s Necklace, then give it to Islin Bartali.

Book 8

img 41

October 21: +2 HP

Ride a wagon with four wheels by yourself. Do this by mounting on a Farm Wagon, Noble Merchant Wagon, or Trade Wagon. You can purchase a Farm Wagon from a stable keeper for 180k

img 42

October 24: +2 LT

Make a Cold Beer with a Blue Label: Make 5 Cold Draft Beers with a Cooking utensil. You also need to have unlocked the Cooking skill: Skilled at Lv. 1 or higher.

img 43

December 3: +2 HP

Collect Weasel Blood: Use a Fluid Collector to collect weasel blood from a weasel.

img 44

Jan 28: +1 Evasion

Make Wise Man’s Blood: Make Wise Man’s Blood with an Alchemy utensil, which requires you to have unlocked the Alchemy skill: Apprentice Lv. 1 or higher.

img 45
img 46

Feb 23: +2 Accuracy

You can do this by going to the blacksmith in Velia, Tranan Underfoe. Borrow a cannon from Tranon Underfoe and hit the target. And then, exchange ten energy for a cannon and cannon balls. When you have the items, take them to Cron Castle.

img 47

March 3: +10 HP

Complete the Adventure Log and talk to the Black Spirit: talk to your Black Spirit.

Book 9

img 48
img 49

April 9: +5 Stamina

Combine the items of the adventurer by interacting with the objects and collect 3 Ornaments. Once you have all 3 Ornaments, put them in a line (—) with this order in your inventory: Red, Yellow, and Blue.

img 50

April 12: +3 HP

Make Grunil Armor at the Armor Workshop: Create Grunil Armor at an Armor Workshop. You can choose the closest ARmor Workshop to craft the required item.

img 51

April 21: +2 Accuracy

Defeat Moghulis: Use a Moghulis Summon Scroll. This can be obtained via your Black Spirit’s daily quest [Special I] Secret Cultist Research(1/D) or by completing it at a party.

img 52

May 2: +3 LT

Win a Knowledge Battle against Haley: Complete the Knowledge Battle with Haley’s quests.

Book 10

img 53

May 3: +3 HP

Sell a Broken Golem’s Core: Obtain a Broken Golem’s Core and sell it to a Trade Manager. These items are dropped from Helm Golems are Helms Post.

img 54

May 6: +2 Evasion

Ecology > Ecology of Mediah > Creatures of Mediah. Obtain all Knowledge in the Creatures of Mediah category. Press H to help find all the knowledge.

img 55

May 13: +1 Inventory

Defeat the Skeleton King with the Cartian Spell and then complete 10 Cartian Spell boss scrolls. You will need 50 Forbidden Books, which have a chance of dropping from all Mediah monsters. You can also buy forbidden books in the Central Market.

img 56

May 14: +5 Stamina

Defeat the Ancient Weapon inside Hasrah Ancient Ruins: Kill 20 Ancient Weapons inside the cave at Hasrah Cliff.

img 57

May 24: +3 HP

Show Ekta a PRI: Asula’s Crimson Eye Necklace. Obtain any PRI or higher Asula accessory.

  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Necklace – These are dropped from monsters in Abandoned Iron Mine.
  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Ring – These are dropped from monsters in Helm’s Post.
  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Earring – These are dropped from monsters in Helm’s Post.
  • Asula’s Crimson Eye Belt – These are dropped from monsters in Elric Shrine.
  • Show the accessory to Ekta afterward in Tariff.

When completed, you will obtain +100 Fail Stack

Book 11

img 58

May 25: +2LT

Create a Potato Crate: Use your workers to craft a Potato Crate at a workshop. You will need Potato x10 and Black Stone Powder x1.

img 59

May 30: HP +2

Connect Velia and Sand Grain Bazaar: Connect Velia and Sand Grain Bazaar in a node connection.

June 3: Stamina +5

To obtain a Bag of Muddy Water, buy one from the Marketplace or a Shovel from a material merchant in Valencia and then dig while in the Valencia desert. Use a shovel in the desert and dig up a bag of muddy water. Right-click a Bag of Muddy Water afterward to complete.

img 60

June 7: HP +3

Consume a Special Valencia Meal: Right-click a Special Valencia Meal to consume.

You can buy this from the marketplace or cook it with a cooking utensil using the following recipe: Teff Sandwich x1, King of Jungle Hamburg x1, Couscous x1, Fig Pie x2, Date Palm Wine x2 (must be Master Lv. 6+)

July 7: HP +2

Train yourself by using scarecrows in towns. Buy a Training Manual from a Skill Manager for 1 million silver and use it. Interact with the training dummies to complete.

img training
img dummy

Book 12

July 10: AP +1

Kill Kutum: Kutum spawn times vary, and you must kill Kutum at least two times because you need two new drops from him: the Fragment of Ancient Life. When you finally get two, take them to Desalam outside the Scarlet Sand Chamber. You can also collect the item drop for this part of the Adventure Log, even if you are not up to it yet, and then take them to the NPC later to complete.

img kutum
img 61

July 12: Stamina +5

Create an Ancient Explorer’s Compass: Collect 3 Parts for Explorer’s Compass by defeating monsters at Titium Valley, Pila Ku Jail, or Roud Sulfur Works. You can also buy the parts from the marketplace. Once you’ve collected three parts, put them in a line in your inventory (—) to create an Ancient Explorer’s Compass.

img 62

July 20: DP +1

Purchase a desert tent tool from a stable keeper and use it. Purchase a desert tent tool from a stable keeper in Valencia, then go into the Valencia Desert and Right-click the tent tool to use it. Please note that the map must be hidden during this process.

img 63

July 27: Evasion +1

Ride a camel: Mount and dismount a camel. If you don’t have one, you can get one free from Waida and complete the “Your Best Friend in the Desert” quest line.

Book 13

img 64

August 1: HP +5

Kill a Cadry elite mob: Kill a Cadry Commander.

August 9: Evasion +1

Kill Shadow of Gahaz: Kill a Shadow of Gahaz elite mob.

August 17: Accuracy +1

Kill Muskan’s Brother: Kill Agrakhan from the weekly scroll Agrakhan Summon Scroll, which can be obtained from Black Spirit. You can also buy the Agrakhan Summon Scroll in Loyalties for 1000 Loyalties.

img 66
img 67

August 21: HP +5

Buy a Villa Pass from Serazad. If you do not have the Secret Book of Old Moon buff, you must buy a Villa Pass for Shakatu’s Villa for 10 million silver. Then talk to Serazad inside Shakatu’s Villa.

img 68
img 69

August 28: Inventory Slot +1

Meet the Stranger on the Ruined Docks. You will have to speak to Torio on the docks west of the Deserted City of Runn.

img 70

August 31: +5LT

Ride a miniature elephant: Mount and dismount a miniature elephant.

How to obtain a Miniature Elephant:

The miniature elephant is only obtainable by following a short quest line in Valencia. You will need 40 million silver to complete the quests; make sure this is changed into 4 x 100G bars and bring it with you. You should also carry 20 Empty Bottles with you to save time.

img 71

Go to Shakatu’s Villa just west of Shakatu village in Valencia and buy a 7-day pass at the Villa Keeper “Dumaham” just outside the entrance, which costs 10 million silver. Once you pass, head inside and talk to the Villa Butler “Serazad.” She will have a quest for you to send you to Shakatu village to pick up a permit. The permit costs 30 million silver and will unlock the remaining quest line.

If the quest does not show up, press “O” to open your quest log and make sure all quests are selected at the bottom, just like in the image below.

img 72

Book 14

September 5: Stamina +5

Speak to Lonely Palieva: Enter an Aakman portal and speak to Lonely Palieva to gain knowledge of him. Aakman Temple randomly shows in the Great Desert of Valencia, so keep a lookout for it.

img 73 1

September 10: AP +2

Kill Nouver: You will need to kill Nouver at least three times and obtain a new dropped item in the Desert Tyrant’s Mane. You can collect the item drop for this part of the Adventure Log, even if you are not up to it yet, and then take them to the NPC later to complete. Once you have the items, take them to Atui Balacs at Sand Grain Bazaar.

img 74

September 16: Stamina +5

Obtain knowledge of all Valencia and Valencia desert nodes. Do this by pressing H to Learn More and then going to Character > Node Manager (Inland) > Valencia Entrance and Valencia Canyon.

img 75

September 21: HP +2

Obtain knowledge of all Valencia Merchants.

Book 15

img 76

September 24: Evasion +1

Hunt a Valencian Lion and butcher it for its meat. Kill a Valencian Lion using a Hunting Rifle, then butcher it for meat using a Butcher’s Knife. You will need ten lion meat.

September 29: +2LT

Complete the Arehaza Palm Forest Boy Questline: Complete the Palm Forest Boy questline in Arehaza, which requires level 55 or higher and 250 amity with Dudora Doriven. There are a total of 11 quests to complete for this series.

img arehaza

October 4: HP +5

Find the relic below Valencia Castle: Interact with the artifact under Valencia Castle.

October 5: HP +2

Find the mark of Igor Bartali in Valencia Castle: Interact with the mark on the top of the tower at Valencia Castle.

img valencia castle

Additional Reward

Additional reward upon completing Chapter 15 can be obtained by speaking to Black Spirit. This will give you the Black Spirit Appearance changes.

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