Black Desert Online: Top Grinding Spots for Beginners in 2022



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Black Desert Online (BDO) is a massive game where silver is a must to progress. Aside from Lifeskilling, where you just A.F.K and gain silver by doing something in just a little time, grinding is different. You play your favorite character killing monsters to gain silver. This is the fastest way to progress in this game, and you level up your skills by playing your character’s ability kit to maximize your class gameplay. 

Black Desert Online: Top Grinding Spots for Beginners in 2022

Grinding mobs to gain silver is an exhausting task, kind of not enjoyable; repeatable rotation skills in an area for an hour. This guide will show you the top ten spots in BDO where you gain more silver, but the cons are you need to reach some AP(attack power) and DP(defense power) to grind these spots efficiently.

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This is the best grind spot for beginners once you reach level 56 and up. Until level 60, this place is a must for new players because this area has a shallow minimum AP requirement of just 160AP. This place also is the best for gaining skill points. What you will also love about this place is its dark and peaceful environment.

When you grind in this area, you will gain a silver here of 93mil an hour.


img sulfur

If you start from a seasonal character completing your tuvalu quest and gears to PEN the maximum enhancement in BDO, then the Sulfur Mine is your first choice. The minimum AP requirement here is 230AP, and you will have almost just one shot for every pact of mobs here. This place is also good for skill points grinding, like Polly’s forest.

The only con of Sulfur Mine is that most players with high Gear Scores grind here for the Archeologist Map piece. Yes, this monster spot drops one of the rarest items here in BDO, so you might have a problem defending your spot from high-level players, and they might kill you on the spot.

If you grind in Sulfur Mine, you will gain silver here at 200mil an hour.


img centaur

The Centaurs are the best spot for money for low-gear players. In terms of trash loot alone, you will be making around 230mil per hour here. You will be making 400mil plus of all drops here. If you want a chill grind spot, then Centaurs is a highly recommended grinding spot. This area only requires 190AP and 200DP.


img hystria

Hystria Ruins is perfect for seasonal players with a minimum of 245AP and 309DP. This is where you will also learn how to pull mobs while grinding to maximize your per-hour silver gain. And it is also suitable for using your Agris fever that multiplies your trash loot drops. 

However, this place is hard to find because the portal to this place is located in the desert, where the portal changes location from time to time. Thus, you must roam around the desert just to get to Hystria Ruins. The easiest way to go to the said area is by tagging a Sage class. This is because he has a passive ability called Ators Eyes that lets you enter Hysteria instantly.

Like Sulfur Mine, this place drops one of the rarest parts of Lafi Bedmountain Upgraded Compass, making it a crowded place to grind. You will gain 215mil per hour of silver when you grind here.


img starsend


 You will gain 230mil per hour silver when you grind in Stars End, but if you are lucky enough, the rare accessory Black Distortion earring might drop here. Such items can be sold to the market for a good price. Also, this spot is perfect for Seasonal characters because it only has a minimum of 245AP and 309DP requirements. 

However, Stars End can be a busy spot because of the drop of the amount of drop of that accessory, so you will be having a hard time defending your spot, pvping higher gear score players.


img fogans

Swamp Fogans in Elvia Server is an excellent place to grind silver and materials to get an HP Cup Ring to upgrade. Very convenient location only below Heidel City and not a busy spot to grind since most players are not doing Cup ring upgrades. The requirement AP and DP for this spot are 269AP and 330DP.

If you grind in Swamp Fogans, you will gain 250mil per hour of silver.


img syc

Syria is a very easy grind spot with basic mechanics in the lower zone. The reason for this spot to be nice is that not a lot of people grind here because it takes effort to get there, and it requires some sea travel. This area is perfect for players with 269AP and 325DP. Its drops include a rare item called Sycrid Song, a piece for making Krogdalo Sea Horse Gear.

When grinding in Sycria, you will gain 280mil per hour of silver.


img turos

Turos is a duo spot with a very low drop chance of flame of despair, which is a piece for making your pen boss gear with caphras level 10 to a Fallen god armor. You can also sell it to the market worth 2 billion silver. There are a lot of rotation spots, and generally, uncontested can be found in this area. 

The required AP and DP for this spot are 269AP and 330DP. If you grind in Turos, you will gain 290mil per hour of silver. However, some players hate this spot because of monster pulls/cc’s.


img castle

The Castle Ruins in Elvia Server is a party spot that is perfect for hanging out with friends. It is easy to locate because it is only below Heidel City. This grinding spot only requires 261AP and 320DP, which is excellent for new players.

This grinding area has a lot of spot rotations, which are contested spots because many people grind here due to it being very easy to get to. You will gain 300mil per hour of silver if you grind here.


img bloody

The Bloody Monastery is one of the high-end spots to grind in the Elvia Server and is probably one of the best spots in the game. The amount of silver you will gain here is high, and the rotation distance per pact here is not that far from pact to pact, which means you will be grinding here faster than in other spots. This area also has the best mechanics where if you are lucky enough, a monster will drop the rare Crimson Bell, which, when used, a monster will pop out wherever you are in a short amount of time.

The Bloody Monastery requires a 281AP and 341DP, and you will gain 360mil per hour of silver when grinding here. This spot also drops rare materials that, when combined, turn into an accessory named Revived Lunar necklace worth 341mil in the market.


img orc

Another recommended grinding area for players with at least 280AP and 341DP is the Orc Camps in Elvia Server. Many players grind here, making it one of the most contested grind zones in the game. But this spot has many rotations, so you will expect other players to ask you for a duel here.

Orc Camps are the most consistent spot for money because most drops are raw silver. You will gain 400mil per hour of silver if you grind here.

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