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The Mysterious Qi is a quest you will come upon while playing Stardew Valley, and it is also one of the most complex quests you will get from the enigmatic Mister Qi. This guide will aid you in finding quest items and solving cryptic messages, so stick around as we walk you through everything you need to know about this quest.

How to Complete the Mysterious Qi Quest in Stardew Valley

As mentioned above, this quest will have you fetching items and decoding mysterious notes, and each request gets more peculiar than the last. However, before you can get started on this task, you will have to get full access to the Bus Stop. To get the bus up and running again, finish the vault bundle in the Community Center or pay for JojaMart’s Warehouse development. Once repaired, the bus can now take you to Calico Desert, where you will need to go at the later parts of the quest.

Finding Out About The Mysterious Qi

Below are all the odd and random favors you will get from Mister Qi that you must fulfill:

  1. To trigger the questline, head to the Bus Stop. Walk to the left side of the road, where there is a tunnel. Enter the tunnel, and you will see a box on the wall. As you interact with the box, you will be asked to insert a Battery Pack inside it. Battery Packs can be acquired by placing a Lightning Rod on your farm. Lightning Rods can produce a Battery Pack after a stormy day.
  2. After placing the Battery Pack inside the box, you will be instructed to “Bring a Rainbow Shell to the Train Station.” Note that the Railroad can only be accessible once you have reached Summer 3 in your first year. Make your way to the Railroad Area, and there you will spot a wooden box at the train station platform. If you have not obtained a Rainbow Shell yet, you can always find one at the Beach in the Summer. A Rainbow Trout Fish Pond can also produce Rainbow Shells. Place the Rainbow Shell in the box, and you will immediately get another message regarding your next task.
  3. Next, you will be entrusted to put 10 Beets inside Mayor Lewis’ fridge. Beet Seeds can be purchased from Sandy in the Calico Desert Shop. You can only plant them in the Summer. And this request can be more achievable if you have already unlocked the Greenhouse on your farm.
  4. Right after you drop the beets inside the Mayor’s fridge, you will get another note. And it is arguably the most cryptic one for this quest. It says: give the Dragon its Final Meal. You would probably think that the Dragon resides somewhere in the Volcano Dungeon at Ginger Island. But that certainly is not the case because this quest already exists before the Stardew Valley 1.5 Update.

    The Dragon is actually found in the Calico Desert. And fortunately, it is not alive and breathing anymore. You can only see the Dragon’s remains on the western side of the Desert. The Dragon’s Final Meal is none other than a Solar Essence. Solar Essence is a monster loot usually dropped from Ghosts, Metal Heads, Squid Kids, Mummies, Hot Heads, and Blue Squids. Feed the Dragon by interacting with the Dragon’s skeletal mouth while holding the Solar Essence in your hand.
  5. Finishing the final quest will earn you the last note, and it will tell you to inspect the lumber pile beside your Farmhouse. Upon doing so, you will be rewarded with a Club Card.

A Casino for Big Shots

If you have been at Sandy’s Oasis Store, then you have probably been wondering what is beyond the guarded passage. The answer lies in the Club Card you will receive upon completing the Mysterious Qi Quest.

Inside the purple-hued establishment, you can play games, win tokens, and exchange them for items in the Store. The Club Card is an exclusive pass that you can use to gain admittance to the Casino in the Desert. The Casino is owned by none other than Mister Qi, and this is where most players get to meet him for the first time. Here are all the things you can do inside Mister Qi’s Casino:

Buy Qi Coins/Casino Store

You will see a machine with a Buy Qi Coins sign at the Casino center. The machine lets you exchange your money for Qi Coins, like tokens you may use for gambling and buying items from the Store. The Casino Store booth has a merchant in a purple suit who sells all kinds of paintings, furniture, and the coveted Rarecrow # 3.

Calico Spin

Calico Spin functions like ordinary Slot Machines but with Stardew Valley food as icons. You can bet your Qi Coins to spin the Slot Machine’s wheel. If you get three matching icons, you will get twice the amount of your bet. It is worth noting the game gets influenced by luck, so having maximum daily luck will give you a higher chance to dominate these Slot Machines.


CalicoJack has game mechanics that are similar to Blackjack. The game’s objective is to deal cards not higher than 21 but surpasses the total number of the Dealer’s cards. There are two tables in which you can play CalicoJack. The table on the left side is for beginners, while the right is for people skilled at this card game. 

The Statue of Endless Fortune

Next to the Buy Qi Coins machine, there is a man with shifty eyes standing beside a potted plant. The man sells The Statue of Endless Fortune for 1,000,000g. The Statue of Endless Fortune is a gold-colored piece of furniture that spits one valuable item a day.

Player Stats Machine

On the left side corner of the room, you will see a machine with the appearance of a bear. The Bear Machine displays your player’s stats. Some of the activities you did and milestones you have accomplished in Stardew Valley are recorded here.

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