How to Complete the “More New Wares” Request (Request 43) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in olden times in the Pokemon world when it was rare to find harmony between people and Pokemon. Set in the Hisui region, modern-day Sinnoh, you will join the Galaxy Expedition Team (Galaxy Team for short) as a member of the Survey Corps stationed in Jubilife Village. You will be tasked to meet every Hisui region Pokemon species to complete the region’s first-ever Pokédex.

How to Complete the “More New Wares” Request (Request 43) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Galaxy Team will task the player to do missions in the game. Additionally, various people will also ask for help from the player requests. One of these requests is Request 43, titled ‘More New Wares.’ This guide will teach you how to complete the ‘More New Wares’ request.

More New Wares

To unlock this request, the player must first receive the ‘A New Mission’ mission which is the ninth mission of the game. After quelling the Lady of the Ridge Liligant’s frenzy, the player must go back to Commander Kamado and report the player’s success. Additionally, the player must also complete the Getting Ahold of New Wares request (Request 23) from Choy at the General Store in Jubilife Village.

After doing the requirements mentioned, you can now start this request! To do just that, head to the General Store just across the Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village, and there you will find the merchant named Choy. Talk to him, and he will tell the player that Tao Hue will not listen to him and is refusing to do business with him again. Choy will then ask the player to persuade Tao Hua again (like in request 23) by bringing him some Pop Pods. Then, just like that, the request started!

To complete this request, all the player has to bring Tao Hua three Pop Pods. Now it is time to find some Pop Pods!

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Pop Pods can be found in the Cobalt Coastlands and the Alabaster Icelands, but the best and easiest place to find Pop Pods is in Cobalt Coastlands. The player can find a lot of Pop Pods on the shores of Cobalt Coastlands from the shores west of Deadwood Haunt up to the shores west of Castaway Shore.

It is worth noting that the player can also obtain Pop Pods after catching or defeating certain Pokemon, specifically Basculin, Remoraid, Qwilfish, and Overqwil.

Alternatively, it is possible to purchase Pop Pods for 400 Pokemon Dollars in the Craftworks (after it is added to his wares) by talking to Anvin.

After obtaining at least three Pop Pods, head back to Jubilife Village and head to the Galaxy Hall. Head to the basement and go inside the room to see an old man wearing green clothes and a pair of glasses named Tao Hua. He is standing near the center desks with the flags. Talk to Tao Hua, and he will get angry because Choy sent a customer to negotiate for him for the second time now while he is already trying so hard to get Pop Pods. The player will say that they have Pop Pods which Tao Hua will then ask for just three. Confirm to give him some on the prompt, and Tao Hua will marvel at the Pop Pods, which according to him, is the Cobalt Coastland’s finest feature. He will also mention that the Pop Pods are best known as a key ingredient to craft Scatter Bangs, which are used to scare off Pokemon. Now that the player has given him Pop Pods, Tao Hua will finally agree to set Choy up with some new wares.

After that, go back to Choy, still in the General Store just across the Galaxy Hall, and talk to him. He will thank you because now he has new wares to sell, which you can purchase after talking to him!

Now that you have completed the ‘More New Wares’ Request, you can try to complete other requests, complete missions, or complete Arceus’ task for you, which is to catch ‘em all!


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