How to Complete the “Rotom’s Path of Solitude” Request (Request 114) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus


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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in olden times in the Pokemon world when it was rare to find harmony between people and Pokemon. Set in the Hisui region, modern-day Sinnoh, you will join the Galaxy Expedition Team (Galaxy Team for short) as a member of the Survey Corps stationed in Jubilife Village. You will be tasked to meet every species of Pokémon from the Hisui region to complete the region’s first-ever Pokédex.

How to Complete the “Rotom’s Path of Solitude” Request (Request 114) in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Galaxy Team will task the player to do missions in the game. Various people will also ask for help from the player in the form of requests. One of these requests is Request 114, titled “Rotom’s Path of Solitude.” This guide will teach you how to complete the “Rotom’s Path of Solitude request.

Rotom’s Path of Solitude

To unlock this request, the player must first complete the “Massive Mass Outbreak in the Icelands” request (request 101) and the “Daybreak” request (request 102), where the player must investigate the massive mass outbreaks in the Alabaster Icelands and complete the Daybreak DLC.

After doing the requirements mentioned above, you can now start this request! To do that, head on to the Training Grounds in the northwest of the Jubilife Village, and on the left side of the building (or behind Ingo), the player will find Gared, who is a member of the Security Corps. Talk to Gared, and he will ask if the player has yet tried Ingo’s Path of Solitude Battles.

After selecting ‘Path of Solitude?’ on the prompt, he will explain that the Path of Solitude is a chance to master the art of battling with a single Pokemon. He will say that battling a tough opponent with just one Pokemon in the player’s party feels like reaching for the stars as the player would have to know their Pokemon well to develop the best strategy. Then, Gared will say that he has a request for the player about the Path of Solitude which is said to be tough to beat, so that is what he wants the player to do. Then, after that, a bunch of requests will start, and one of them is the “Rotom’s Path of Solitude” Request!

After that, Gared will tell the player to show him the mark in the player’s Pokedex once the player has completed the Path of Solitude with any of the Pokemon he mentioned

To complete this request, the player must defeat Ingo and his Garchomp in the Path of Solitude with only a Rotom in the player’s party.

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Check this request’s description, which will give a tip that a mechanical item will provide the player’s Rotom the advantage. So, before talking to Ingo to start the Path of Solitude, ensure that the player has a Rotom in Frost Rotom Form around Level 70, as the player would have to battle Ingo’s Level 70 Garchomp.

It is recommended to use a Frost Rotom because it can use Ice type moves which are four times super effective against Ingo’s Garchomp

Unfortunately, catching a Frost Rotom directly from the wild is impossible. The player would first have to catch a Rotom and change its form to Frost Rotom. Rotom can be found around Sacred Plaza and Stonetooth Rows in the Coronet Highlands, and they can be found in these areas at all times of the day and in every weather condition.

After catching a Rotom, the player must now change its form to Frost Rotom. To do that, the player must purchase a Mechanical Appliance from Ginter of the Gingko Guild on the right side of the Galaxy Hall. The Mechanical Appliance that the player has to purchase is the Mechanical Cabinet. Mechanical Appliances are needed to change Rotom into various forms.

However, it is important to mention that the items Ginter sells will be random, and the Mechanical Cabinet may not be available upon checking it. To change the items that Ginter is selling, the player must first catch around 20 Pokemon from the wild and then check back on Ginter if the Mechanical Cabinet is available (If it is still unavailable, the player would just have to repeat the process until it is available). Another thing worth noting is that the player will purchase the first Mechanical Appliance from Ginter will cost 20,000 Pokemon Dollars.

The price will increase by another 20,000 Pokemon Dollars every time the player purchases a new Mechanical Appliance. So, if the player has bought a Mechanical Appliance from Ginter before, then buying another one (in this case, the Mechanical Cabinet) will cost 40,000 Pokemon Dollars or above. If the player plans to purchase all of the Mechanical Appliances available, then the player would need a total of 300,000 Pokemon Dollars to do that.

After purchasing the Mechanical Cabinet from Ginter of the Gingko Guild, head to the player’s quarters, the first house on the right side of the Galaxy Hall, and the Gingko Guild’s stand. Inside, the player will find the Mechanical Appliances that the player bought from Ginter. Approach the Mechanical Cabinet (the orange refrigerator), then press the A button to investigate, saying that the player’s Rotom wants to investigate the refrigerator’s motor. Confirm on the prompt and select the Rotom you want to change form. Then, the Rotom will change into Frost Rotom and learn a new move called Blizzard!

As all of Rotom’s attacks are Sp. Attacks, It is recommended that the player’s Frost Rotom has a Nature that boosts Sp. Attack and decrease Attack, like Modest. Then, the player can boost Frost Rotom’s Effort Levels, focusing on boosting Frost Rotom’s Sp. Attack, using Grit items. Boosting Defense, HP, and Speed can also be great to help endure the opponent’s attacks and be able to attack first.

As for the player’s Frost Rotom’s moveset, it is recommended to let the player’s Frost Rotom learn and use Blizzard, a powerful special attack that may inflict Frostbite on the opposing Pokemon. Blizzard would be great as it is an Ice type of move that is four times super effective against Ingo’s Garchomp.

After training your Frost Rotom and letting it learn the recommended moves, head to Ingo on the left side of Captain Zisu in the Training Grounds and talk to him. Select the ‘Path of Solitude’ on the prompt, and select ‘Accept the challenge’ on the next prompt. Then Ingo will let you choose one Pokemon, so put your Frost Rotom in the party and remove all the other Pokemon so that the player will only use Frost Rotom. After that, select ‘Begin’ on the next prompt, and the player can now begin the challenge!

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It is worth noting that Ingo’s Garchomp is a Level 70 Dragon and Ground type Pokemon which means it has a weakness to Fairy-type, Dragon-type, and especially Ice-type moves (super effective), a resistance to Fire-type, Poison type, and Rock-type moves (not very effective), and immunity to Electric-type moves (no effect). Ingo’s Garchomp may use Twister, which is a weak special attack, Stealth Rock, which is another weak special attack but may leave stone splinters that will continue to inflict damage on the opposing Pokemon for several turns, and Flamethrower, which is a special attack that may inflict Burn on the opposing Pokemon.

If the player’s Rotom is on the recommended level, the player’s Frost Rotom can just use Blizzard two times to beat Ingo’s Garchomp. However, because Blizzard’s accuracy is only 75, the player may need to use Blizzard several more times to defeat Ingo’s Garchomp. On the other hand, if Blizzard inflicts Frostbite on Garchomp, Ingo’s Garchomp may be defeated quicker.

After defeating Ingo’s Garchomp, Ingo will say that the player’s Rotom has reached the final station on its Path to Solitude and that he has added a mark on Rotom’s page in the Pokedex to signify its victory. Then, Ingo will reward the player with three Exp. Candy L as a prize for having completed the Path of Solitude. 

Afterward, head back to Gared, still near Ingo, and talk to him. Gared will say it was a thrill to see the player’s Pokemon best, the Path of Solitude. Then, finally, the player will be rewarded with one Seed of Mastery and one Exp. Candy L, for your efforts, and the “Rotom’s Path of Solitude” Request is now completed!

Now that you have completed the “Rotom’s Path of Solitude” Request, you can try to complete other requests, missions, or Arceus’ task, which is to catch ‘em all!

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