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Survivors in the wilderness first start with rudimentary tools, and they eventually make better tools over time. In Conan Exiles, making steel is a priority, especially if you want to forge mighty weapons. It’s among the most robust materials in the game as well.

How to Make Steel in Conan Exiles

Making steel requires some gathering and mining, and not everyone knows how. If you’re new to the game or simply need a refresher about making steel, you’re in the right place. Below, you’ll find the best places for resource gathering.

Steel Requirements

The following resources are what you need for forging steel bars:

  • Tar
  • Brimstone
  • Iron Bars

Tar and Brimstone are the ingredients of another ingredient called Steelfire. This mixture has to be combined with Iron Bars to create Steel Bars. Head to these areas Brimstone to gather Brimstone:

  • Sinner’s Refuge -3155, 1704
  • Executioner’s Cave -2872, 2184
  • Oasis to the Northeast of Kael’s Stronghold -2256, 721
  • A patch of water to the east of the map -2872, 2184
  • Gallaman’s Tomb -3174, 1900

These areas have abundant Brimstone, but only Sinner’s Refuge, Gallaman’s Tomb, and the Executioner’s Cave are close to the starting point. It’s better to head to these places only after acquiring iron weapons and some sturdy armor.

As for Tar, it’s much easier to make. All you need is a tannery and some animal skins. When you tan some hides, you get Tar as a by-product. Even so, you need to reach Level 10 first and unlock the Tanner feature.

After gathering enough Tar and Brimstone, you’ll need to get a Firebowl Cauldron next. You have to unlock Furniture Maker at Level 10 and Ironmonger at Level 40. After making a Firebowl Cauldron with an Artisan’s Worktable, you can make Steelfire.

Steelfire requires two Tar and one Brimstone. After 20 seconds, you get one unit of Steelfire.

Making Steel

You can make Steel Bars by combining five Iron Bars and one unit of Steelfire. Here are the building items you make Steel Bars with:

  • Furnace
  • Improved Furnace
  • Heat-Efficient Furnace
  • Fuel-Efficient Furnace
  • Improved Furnace (Kiln)

The last three furnaces offer increased crafting speeds, varying depending on the type. All of them have increased fuel duration, with the Fuel-Efficient Furnace excelling in this area.

If you have Steel Reinforcements, you can also forge them into Steel Bars with the following:

  • Blacksmith’s Bench
  • Improved Blacksmith’s Bench
  • Campaign Blacksmith’s Bench
  • Garrison Blacksmith’s Bench

The last three benches each have their own bonuses. The Improved Blacksmith Bench reduces the cost by 25% and makes Steel Bars 33% faster. Campaign Blacksmith Benches are the fastest, at 200% speed.

For the most considerable discount, Garrison Blacksmith Benches cut the costs of crafting by half. In addition, all three benches have 40 slots to the standard Blacksmith Bench’s 20 slots.

Recipes for Steel

Steel is a material you can’t go without if you wish to reach the endgame. As such, you can use it for the following items:

  • Sandstorm Breathing Mask
  • Ancient-tier weapons
  • Iron Leg-hold Trap
  • Pickaxe
  • Siege Cauldron
  • Steel-tier tools
  • Steel-tier weapons
  • Elevators
  • Arrows
  • Armor
  • Fireplace and Hearth
  • Radium Gem Standing Torch
  • Radium Wall Torch
  • Vault
  • Weather Vanes
  • Hardened Steel Bar
  • Improved Armorer’s Bench
  • Orb of Nergal
  • Torturer’s Worktable
  • Warhorse Saddle Medium
  • Snake Idol
  • Kits
  • Chain Bindings
  • Steel Truncheon
  • Composite Obsidian

Steel Represents Strength

As you can see, having Steel Bars equals strength and increased odds of survival. With steel weapons, tools, and armor, you’ll stand a better chance at thriving in the wilderness, no matter the conditions. Even though there are more rigid materials, steel is easy to create.

What’s your favorite steel weapon? Do you enchant your steel items? Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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