How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles


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Picture yourself as an exiled man or woman sentenced to die until Conan the Barbarian rescues you. With this second chance, you use it to survive in the wilderness, but you also need resources. One of the essential items is Bark, but you can’t find it everywhere.

How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles

If you just started a game of Conan Exiles and want to get some Bark, you’re in luck. Other than how to get it, we’ll also discuss its many uses.

How to Get Bark in Conan Exiles?

There are several sources of bark in Conan Exiles. Let’s take a look at all of them.

Hitting Trees

The best way to get bark in Conan Exiles is to grab a pickaxe or pick. You might have to find one first, but once you do, follow these steps:

  1. Equip your pick or pickaxe.
  2. Approach a dead tree or dead log.
  3. Hit it with your tool.
  4. Get wood and bark.

You can use your fists to hit trees or logs, but doing so usually only gives you wood. Pickaxes have the highest chance of making bark drop from dead trees or logs.

Tree bark drops are affected by percentage-based chance. Therefore, you’re not guaranteed to get bark even if you use the best tools.

The best location to get bark is near The Black Galleon. It’s located at -2661.5, 2100, the game’s coordinate system. Northeast of The Black Galleon is three large groups of dead trees.

Your tool’s material and upgrade can also influence the amount of bark you may potentially get. A basic iron pick is good enough, but you get access to steel, star metal, and obsidian in the game’s later stages. These better picks and pickaxes can yield more bark per tree or log.

Get Bark From a Carpenter’s Bench

If you have a Carpenter’s Bench, you can use it to strip the wood of bark. By using 10 wood, you can get one unit of bark. The process takes 10 seconds, and you gain 10 EXP for doing it.

This method isn’t very effective, as you lose precious wood. Therefore, we recommend farming bark from trees instead, if possible.

Enemy NPC Drops

In Conan Exiles, you have the opportunity to raid enemy settlements and loot their belongings. Enemy NPCs have a chance of dropping bark, and you can go home with plenty of other loot as well. Looting enemies might not yield as much bark as the first method, but you also get other items along the way.

Uses of Bark

Bark has many uses in Conan Exiles. Here are some of them:

  • Burned as fuel

Bark can burn longer than wood as fuel in a tannery or dryer. Doing so lets you free up some wood for other purposes.

  • Crafting

Bark resources are an important material for crafting. You can make oil, spices, and shadespiced bark. You can feed the latter to animals to make them oversized.

You can also feed bark to your animals and make dung. Dung is used in making compost, great for crops.

  • Making Tanneries

Tanneries allow you to craft leather, but they require bark as an ingredient. Therefore, it’s essential to get some bark and further upgrade it if you have the chance.

An Excellent Fuel

Bark is much more than a wonderful fuel source for your tannery or dryer, as you can make oil with it, among other things. Gathering bark is one of the first few things to do in Conan Exiles, and you’ll need plenty of it, so start early. And bring your trusty pickaxe with you for the best results.

How much bark do you have now? Do you think the current methods of farming bark are effective? Let us know in the comments section below.

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