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With powers beyond mortal limitations, players can use objects and the world as weapons while fighting in Control. From trash cans to bottles, nothing is off-limits when your enemies are terrifying to confront. And speaking of challenging enemies, Tommasi is one of the bosses that can kill you quickly.

How to Beat Tommasi in Control

Although the fight is a daunting one, there are some effective strategies that you can use against him to even out the playing field. Focus on surviving, and you should be able to defeat him without too much trouble.

Hiss-Controlled Tommasi

Alberto Tommasi was initially the Head of Communications. When issued HRA, he decided not to wear it, leading to his corruption. The Hiss, a malignant intelligent force, took over his mind and converted him into a Hiss Elevated. Thus, the main character Jesse Faden has to fight and kill him.

Hiss Elevated have telekinetic abilities, letting them throw objects much like Jesse’s Launch powers can do. Because they have their own telekinetic skills, Hiss Elevated enemies aren’t vulnerable to others doing the same to them.

When you meet him in the “Unknown Caller” mission, he’ll be the first boss in Control. If you want to complete the game, defeating him is essential to advancing the storyline.

Defeating Tommasi

As mentioned before, all Hiss Elevated are immune to telekinetic attacks, and Tommasi is no exception. He can also avoid your Service Weapon’s bullets when not preparing to throw objects telekinetically.

However, there are a few moments you can hit him, such as before he throws his projectiles and right after doing so. Shooting him a few times during these moments will deal damage. Right after hitting Tommasi, you should get behind cover, as he can release his projectiles or counterattack, depending on when you shoot.

The best strategy against Tommasi is a hit-and-run tactic, and try not to stay in one spot for too long. With his levitation powers, he’s often the one with the high-ground advantage. When in cover, you should wait for the second projectile to hit the area before shooting and avoid a direct line of sight.

Tommasi isn’t alone during this boss fight due to the stream of Hiss Guards and Hiss Demolition Experts he summons. These enemies are persistent and tend to distract you from shooting him. On the bright side, your Launch powers are effective against them.

After killing these enemies, you may pick up Health Element from them. Tommasi’s telekinetic attacks can kill you in three hits, and the other opponents might also hurt you during scuffles as well. So, replenishing your HP is always a welcome bonus.

Once you defeat Tommasi for the first time, you can move to the Hotline Chamber and explore further.

Don’t Stop Moving

As the game’s first boss, Tommasi can seem intimidating to fight at first. But when you understand his attack patterns and weaknesses, the battle becomes a matter of avoiding projectiles and firing back. Eventually, you’ll deplete his health bar and defeat him for the time being.

Did you struggle against Tommasi for the first time? What do you think about our strategy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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