How to get Revoker in Destiny 2


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Destiny 2 is full of fantastic Sniper Rifles, but none can do what Revoker can. Have you ever taken an ill-advised shot and wished you hadn’t? With Revoker, there are no regrets. Shoot until you hit something. If you’re off the mark, the gun returns your ammo. It’s that feature that makes this weapon so nasty in PvP and has everyone clamoring for it still, even after its sunsetting. So if you’re like those people, and you want to know how to get Revoker in Destiny 2, here’s your guide.

How to get Revoker in Destiny 2

Revoker was once a Crucible Ritual Weapon

A few years back, Revoker was part of the Crucible reward system. If you could make it to Fabled in competitive play, the gun was yours. This came a bit after Bungie relaxed the leveling system in Competitive PvP, which gave everyone a much fairer shot at obtaining Revoker. With the weapon in more hands, it really stood out in the Crucible as one of the most used Sniper Rifles.

Fast forward to the present day and Revoker has been phased out as part of the “sunsetting” period Bungie implemented and then reversed. The guns you get today never expire, but for some reason, the studio never went back and raised the level cap on older weapons like Revoker. You can still use it in scenarios where Power Level is disabled. But it’s definitely not a gun we’d take into Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris. It’ll drop your Power Level way too low.

Monument to Lost Lights

Revoker now can be obtained in the Tower

Because of sunsetting, Revoker was removed as a Crucible reward. The gun is still very much obtainable, however. All you have to do is head to the Tower and visit the Monument to Lost Lights.

Once you’re at the Monument, open it and head to the section titled “Legacy Gear.” From there, you’ll see Revoker six spots from the left. You will need some currencies and materials to purchase it, however. Those are:

If you’ve got all that handy, go ahead and press the button or key on the screen to make your purchase. And just like that, you’ve got yourself a Revoker. Go hog wild.

And that’s how to get Revoker in Destiny 2

If you’re a fan of sniping — and come on, who isn’t — Revoker is a great choice to take into quickplay PvP. Its low-capped Power Level won’t ding you there and you’ll get a Sniper Rifle that forgives you for totally borking your shots.

Again, as tempting as it may be, you should not take this into any Power-enabled activities. It’ll drag your Power down pretty significantly. Getting your bullets back means nothing if every enemy can one-shot you.

Enjoy Revoker!

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