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Apex Legends is taking the battle royale genre by storm and rapidly gained over 50 million users. With more to come from the game, a new character recently introduced and an entire twelve month program of improvements and events, now is a great time to get in on the action. This tutorial is going to walk you through something vitally important. How to come up with a cool username for Apex Legends.

Cool Usernames for Apex Legends

If you’re a gamer, you already know how important your gamer tag is. It is part of your online identity and many of us use the same username in all our games as long as we get there first. I use my username across multiple games so if I see the same people in different games, we say hi. It’s a little thing but adds to the experience.

Coming up with a cool username is usually much more difficult than it should be. Here are some tips for coming up with a cool username for Apex Legends.

Top tips for coming up with a cool username for Apex Legends2

Give it some thought

The thing about usernames is that even though you may have planned to buy the game for a while, you don’t really think about your username until you’re creating your character. You may be like me and have a go-to username. That’s fine if you get in early but if you have a popular username, chances are that it will be gone by the time you get there. If you think about your username in advance, you will always come up with something better than when you’re put on the spot.

Take notes

I have a notepad beside my computer that I take notes for games, websites and all sorts. If I see a cool username when online, I tend to write it down and come up with my own version of it in advance. I have a dozen such names should by primary username be taken. My username in Apex Legends came from this list so it definitely works.

Try to be different

Copying other people’s usernames may get you a good one but it isn’t cool. Coming up with your own unique username for Apex Legends is definitely the way to go. Anybody who copies real life names, or uses a variant of Chuck Norris, Leroy Jenkins or any such is just showing they don’t keep up.

Don’t use titles

People who use ‘Lord’, ‘General’, ‘Field Marshall’, ‘Prince’ or whatever in their username tell other people a lot about themselves. None of it is very positive. Try not to use these titles in your username for Apex Legends. It doesn’t look or sound cool.

Top tips for coming up with a cool username for Apex Legends3

Think about how it sounds to others

Sitting alone in your room in front of a screen is not conducive to thinking in a wider context. Try to do that when thinking of a cool username for Apex Legends. How will your username be interpreted? How will it make you look? How will it work in other cultures or languages?

If you want to be taken seriously as a player, your username should reflect that. Calling yourself something juvenile is not going to win you any friends. Should you want to go pro or join a league, the public perception of your username is even more important!


It’s free, easy to use and takes a second but thousands of people out there don’t bother. Misspelling a username just looks dumb, unless it’s intentional.

Avoid swapping letters for numbers

It was sort of cool years ago but certainly isn’t now. Using numbers instead of letters in usernames is very passé now and doesn’t look good. If you see ‘T1gersR04R’ in-game, are you going to respect them or make a point of putting lead in their head because of their dumb name? I know which I’m going to choose!

Avoid innuendoes or rudeness

There is a time and a place for playing with words but your username is not that time. If you want to be taken seriously as a gamer and as a human being, keeping your username clean and fairly intelligent is the way to go. Names like ‘WombRaider’ aren’t going to go down too well anywhere.

Don’t just punch your keyboard

Don’t just hit your keyboard and use whatever comes up either. That does not make a cool username for Apex Legends. Chinese gold farmers do that and there is no need for you to do it too. Nobody is going to want to squad with ‘5inv42ort3’.

Of all of these tips for coming up with a cool username for Apex Legends, the taking notes one is what I find most useful. Taking inspiration from elsewhere and putting your own twist on it is going to generate a bunch of very usable names over time.

Got any other tips for generating cool usernames for Apex Legends? Tell us about them below if you do!

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